Uber’s weight, Ifood: couples spend 12.6% of their budget on food, transport and streaming apps | Economy

Who has never looked at the card bill and been scared by the amount that the words Uber, 99, Ifood and Rappi appeared, felt their heart flutter and gave up adding up the expenses?

A survey carried out by fintech Noh, at the request of g1shows that couples spend, on average, 12.6% of the budget with food, transport and streaming apps.

Ana Zucato, CEO of fintech, says that the frequency of these expenses grows with sharing. “As housing is the highest percentage of spending with a third of expenses, almost 13% with these apps seems like a lot to me. It is a super relevant category and has a high frequency. A lot of people order food every day and Uber every three days“, account.

“But the data also shows that people are prioritizing convenience. And that it has become cheaper because the cost is diluted in two, like the delivery freight or the relationship between Uber and the price of the bus. Getting together with other people is the way many people have managed to access these expenses.”, analyzes.

Within these “modern expenditures”, delivery apps are the ones that weigh the most on app users’ pockets. Alone, they answer for 8.14% of the shared budget. And the average spending on a purchase is R$ 73, according to the study.

The deliveries correspond to a third of the expenses with food, which is, in the app, the second group that most “sucks” the money from couples. And, on average, couples usually order food every other day. The other 65% are divided between supermarkets, bars, restaurants and clubs.

A survey by Kantar Ibope comparing the first 6 months of 2022 and 2021 shows that delivery consumption increased by 12% this year compared to last year, even with the reopening of trade and the end of restrictions under Covid. Snacks are the ordering champions, followed by meals.

Then there are transport services, which represent 3.65% of collective spending. Within the transport set, app transport services occupy 90% of spending. Gasoline, for example, accounts for only 5% of the bills. And the rest is divided between insurance, tickets and the like.

Streams, on the other hand, occupy less than 1% of these expenses and cost, on average, R$ 29 per person. On the other hand, they are fixed expenses and billed every month.

The survey analyzed 16,000 transactions made between June and August on the app, which works as a shared wallet between couples, friends and family.

In addition to the more conventional expenses, couples also tend to share the most unusual ones, such as subscription to a yoga app and a joint gym plan.

“Some get together to start a third source of income or joint investment. Sometimes, the partner who earns more helps the other pay for courses or work equipment, such as a laptop and microphone. It is part of the couple’s search for prosperity”, he explains. Zucato.

Concern about financial health is also reflected in the way couples share finances: only 20% of users do a 50%/50% split. The vast majority base pay percentages in proportion to salaries: whoever earns more pays more.

According to the CEO, women are responsible for the bureaucratic part of more shared accounts than men.

“In the vast majority of cases, the woman is the one who performs the payment. The account is in her CPF, she is the one who pays, if it is in automatic debit, it is hers. On average, there are eight monthly bills referring to the house. Imagine having the mental burden of being responsible for all this.”

The prior division of accounts is also important to avoid financial discomfort, says Zucato. “People had a routine that they call settling accounts. One person paid all the bills and, at the end of the month, he calculated everything and charged the other. Look at the discomfort for this person who paid everything all month, sometimes even going into the red.”

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