White House phone made call to protester accused of breaking into Capitol building – Observer

The White House telephone exchange made a call to the telephone number of a protester who invaded the US Capitol that same day. The call was made at 4:34 pm and was answered by a protester. who came to be accused of having participated in the invasion.

The story arises in Former Congressman Denver Riggleman’s New Book, who was also an adviser to the committee set up at the White House to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol. But the protester’s name is never mentioned in the work, “The Breach”.

Other calls originating from the White House were also made in previous days. to the invasion of the Capitol with people allegedly involved in the attack. The president of the organization “Latinos for Trump”, Bianca Gracia, also received five calls originating from the official residence of the US President a few days before the invasion.

According to The Guardian, which reported the story, it is unknown if there is a link between these calls and the Capitol invasion because the content of the phone calls has not been ascertained. The author of the book says that he does not have all the information related to these calls because he left the committee in April.


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