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Living Dead is finally coming to an exciting conclusion after eleven seasons on the air. As fans prepare for the final batch of episodes, starting October 2nd, the future of Living Dead The universe looks bright, with new spinoffs centering around fan-favorite characters slated to debut in the near future.

Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes was the mainstay of the series for its first nine seasons until his mysterious departure. During this time, he underwent a great deal of character development, aided by several important people in his life, both friends and enemies.

10 Lori

Rick and Lori Grimes talking on The Walking Dead

Sara Wayne Callies starred in the first three seasons of Living Dead as Lori Grimes, wife of Rick and mother of Carl and Judith. During her time on the show, Lori struggled with her love for Rick and his best friend Shane, causing a rift between the two men that would never be mended.

While their relationship was anything but functional, Rick and Lori learned a lot from each other in the early days of the apocalypse. Rick, in particular, learned how much he truly loved his wife after years of a strained relationship – making it even more devastating when he lost her for good.

9 Glenn

Steven Yuen in The Walking Dead

Steven Yeun’s Glenn Rhee was part of the show’s main cast from the beginning, making his first appearance in the pilot episode, in which he saved Rick from a herd of zombies in Atlanta. He would remain on the series until his tragic death at the hands of Negan, with many fans thinking that Glenn didn’t deserve to die.

Not only did Glenn save Rick’s life early on in the series, but he also brought with him a certain light that was rare to find inside someone as the apocalypse dragged on. Glenn often served as Rick’s moral compass, reminding him of his humanity when he seemed most distant.

8 Maggie

Undead Maggie Rhee Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Greene joined the series in Season 2, remaining a member of the main cast throughout the series, with a brief break in Season 9. During her time on the show, she would marry and start a family with Glenn, becoming one of the most prolific leaders of the group in the meantime.

Rick and Maggie share a similar temperament, which has led to a remarkable friendship over the years. However, while they shared a romantic relationship, their minds often led Rick and Maggie to push each other down similarly dark paths, often taking things too far when left unchecked.

7 Daryl

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon is not only one of the strongest fighters on the show, he is also the heart of Living Dead. Played by Norman Reedus, Daryl is one of only two characters from the show’s first season to make it all the way to season 11, and will soon get his own spinoff following the main series finale.

Although they didn’t get off to the best start, Rick and Daryl would eventually become best friends and brothers-in-arms. Daryl has consistently proved his loyalty to Rick, strengthening the man as a leader and warrior as the days grew darker and more dangerous.

6 The governor

The Governor of The Walking Dead

David Morrisey’s Philip Blake, also known as The Governor, was the main antagonist of Living Deadthird and fourth seasons. Running the Woodbury settlement, the Governor clashed with Rick’s group, eventually destroying the prison they had settled in, sending them scattered throughout the surrounding forest.

The Governor has a dishonorable reputation for being the man who took everything from Rick. Just when it looked like Rick’s community might survive and start anew, the villain arrived to destroy everything he had built. Rick never forgot the Governor’s betrayal, nor how, in the end, he failed to defeat him.

5 Carlos

The Walking Dead - Go Getters - Carl Grimes

Chandler Riggs played Rick’s son Carl in the first eight seasons of Living Dead. Initially an inexperienced child, Carl would become one of the show’s most capable survivors until his tragic death after being bitten by a zombie during the War of the Saviors.

As his eldest son, Carl was the main person Rick fought for when the apocalypse began. However, it was with Carl’s death that Rick was transformed, struggling to accept his son’s dream of a peaceful end to the Saviors’ War, sparing Negan’s life and allowing the surviving Saviors to assimilate into the coalition of communities. .

4 Hershel

Hershel Greene looks serious on The Walking Dead

Hershel Greene is one of the Living Deadone of the most beloved characters and one of the final roles in the career of veteran actor Scott Wilson. Hershel joins the series in its second season, becoming a vocal and important member of the group until he is beheaded by the Governor at the end of season four.

Hershel was Rick’s main mentor for the first few seasons of the series, trying to stop him from taking a darker path than he should have. He meant so much to Rick that he even appeared to him in a hallucination in Rick’s final episode, when the wounded leader questioned whether his life meant anything.

3 Michonne

Michonne in The Walkind Dead

Danai Gurira is one of several Living Dead actors who are also in the MCU, and she got her big break portraying Michonne starting with the show’s third season. Michonne would quickly become one of the Living Deadbeginning a romantic relationship with Rick in season 6. Although Gurira left the series during its tenth season, she will return alongside Andrew Lincoln for a spinoff series centered around her two characters.

Michonne became Rick’s closest confidant in his final seasons of the series, proving to be the true love of his life in a way that Lori never could. With her, Rick started the family he always needed, finding happiness at the end of the world, even if it was short lived.

2 Negan

Negan holding the bat and laughing at Rick on The Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Negan, the main antagonist in the sixth, seventh and eighth seasons of the series. Negan and his saviors go to war with Rick’s group during this time, nearly destroying everything they built in previous seasons. Despite his villainy, Negan has gone through an arc of redemption in recent years, becoming a valued member of the core group.

Negan pushed Rick to new and darker depths than he had ever accepted before, destroying his confidence and nearly killing him on multiple occasions. However, with this enemy, Rick was finally able to prove his kindness, sparing Negan’s life and establishing himself as a hero once and for all.

1 Shane

Shane Walsh shooting Walkers on The Walking Dead.

Jon Bernthal’s Shane Walsh was one of the main cast members in the first two seasons of Living Dead. Shane starts out as Rick’s best friend, but slowly starts to hate him when it becomes clear that Lori prefers her husband over him. Shane is killed in the season two finale after trying to kill Rick.

For Rick, Shane served as a warning example to never trust anyone implicitly. While Rick eventually overcame this faulty train of thought, it would take the exceptional heroism of his peers to overcome Shane’s betrayal. He would never be the same, however, as a small piece of Rick’s humanity was lost forever when he was forced to kill the man who was once his closest friend.

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