“A lot will come to light”, says gypsy in predictions about space

posted on 9/28/2022 12:06 pm / updated on 9/28/2022 12:07 pm

(Credit: Reproduction/YouTube Forecasts for Brazil and the World by Sara Zaad)

When doing a caffeomancy technique, gypsy Sara Zaad spoke about scientific discoveries that are being “hidden” and that may soon come to light. Caffeomancy is a technique used to know the future through coffee grounds.

The gypsy is well known on social media for making accurate predictions about the world. She recently made several predictions for the October 2 election.

“It will reach the ears of all of us research that is being hidden from us about space. A lot will come out about experiments or planets, but a lot will come out”, she reported.

Other predictions

In another moment of the reading of the coffee grounds, the gypsy predicted a procession to show a discovery. “They are going to take something out of the ground that will change all the knowledge we have about our planet until then,” she assured.

She also spoke about seeing people suffering and desperate in a situation similar to “what was the Taliban back in Afghanistan”.

In addition, the gypsy described atypical crosses between species, even illegal, that will be discovered by everyone soon.

Check it out in full:

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