Boy finds gigantic 1m worm in his garden: ‘I couldn’t believe it’ – News

A nine-year-old boy found a gigantic worm in the garden of his home in Christchurch, Australia. Barnaby Domigan was playing in the backyard when he came across the four-foot-long worm.

He noticed a strange movement in a riverbed near where he was playing. Domigan decided to grab a fishing rod to retrieve the animal, which was already dead when found.

The boy told the whole story of the gigantic worm to RNZ, Radio New Zealand. “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said, calling the worm Dead Fred.

“I had no idea why it was there. I kind of thought it would have been a worm because it was shaped like a worm but not the size,” added Domigan. He even asked his father to keep the worm inside a plastic bag, but the idea was not approved.

“I think it’s because adults don’t like giant worms in their homes very much. If I were an adult, I would agree,” said the boy. Despite the desire and curiosity with the different animal, Domigan confessed to the website Stuff: “I thought it was huge, and amazing, and a little disgusting”.

His mother Jo said her son was overjoyed to find the colossal worm, while she didn’t like the idea of ​​having a giant critter close to home. “Luckily, I was at work when the worm was found, because it’s disgusting! We’ve had some big ones here in the past, but nothing like this guy. He’s outrageous,” Jo admitted.

Despite the animal’s unbelievable size, entomologist John Marris of Lincoln University in New Zealand says giant earthworms aren’t as uncommon as you think.

“There are some very large native earthworms known — one meter is not close to what they can reach. Still, it is uncommon to find a giant earthworm in a garden. They usually live in undisturbed areas such as forests”, explains the researcher.

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