Does Argentina’s invincibility impose fear? We analyze the sequence

With two goals from Lionel Messi, Argentina won peacefully yesterday (27) the Jamaica national team by 3-0 in New Jersey (United States). The team led by coach Lionel Scaloni is unbeaten for 35 games. The last blue and white defeat took place on July 2, 2019, at Mineirão, with a 2-0 victory for Brasil de Tite in the semifinal of that Copa América.

After Argentina, the country that has not lost the longest is Brazil. There are 13 games, since the defeat to Messi and company in the final of the Copa America last year, at Maracanã.

The column below lists all the games in this Argentine undefeated series and analyzes the most important aspects of this sequence:

* There are 24 wins and 11 draws in these 35 games without losing.

* The use of points is an excellent 79.04%.

* Belittling the series by talking about unimportant friendlies makes no sense. Of the 35 games, only 9 (23.07%) were friendly.

* Of the 26 official matches (77% of the total), 17 were for the Qualifiers, 8 for the Copa América and 1 for the very final Uefa-Conmebol).

* Interesting: of the 35 unbeaten games, only 13 (37.14%) were against teams that will be in the Qatar World Cup. They beat Mexico, Uruguay, Ecuador and Brazil, and drew with Germany, is the summary (full list below).

* There were 63 goals scored and 15 conceded, a great balance of 48 goals in favor.

* Argentina’s longest unbeaten streak was 31 games, adding up to 18 wins and 13 draws. It started on February 19, 1991 (2-0 against Hungary) and ended on August 8, 1993 (1-2 against Colombia in Barranquilla).

* The biggest unbeaten streak in football history is now within reach of Argentina. It was Italy, who went 37 games unbeaten between September 2018 and October 2021, before falling to Spain and being eliminated in the Nations League semi-final.

* There’s one more friendly to fatten up this stat. It will be against the United Arab Emirates, on November 16, in place and to be publicized.

* Reflecting this more than positive sequence, coach Lionel Scaloni renewed his contract. The extension was announced by the AFA this morning.

* The maxim “football is the moment” will apply with particular cruelty to Argentina in the World Cup. A single defeat, after all, would represent elimination from the round of 16 onwards. The example of Italy is accurate. She missed the Qatar World Cup (1-0 defeat to Macedonia in the Qualifiers) just four games after her streak ended.

mes - Elsa/Getty Images - Elsa/Getty Images

Argentina’s Lionel Messi warming up before the game against Jamaica

Image: Elsa/Getty Images

Argentina’s invincibility

The list:

Copa America-2019 (1 game. 1 win): 2 to 1 Chile

Friendlies (9 games. 6 wins and 3 draws): 0-0 Chile, 4-0 Mexico, 2-2 Germany, 6-1 Ecuador, 1-0 Brazil, 2-2 Uruguay (all in 2019); 5-0 Estonia, 3-0 Honduras and 3-0 Jamaica (all three in 2022).

Copa America-2021 (7 games. 5 wins and 2 draws): 1-1 Chile, 1-0 Uruguay, 1-0 Paraguay, 1 Bolivia, 3-0 Ecuador, 1-1 Colombia (3-2 on penalties), 1-0 Brazil.

Qualifiers-2022 (17 games. 11 wins and 6 draws): 1-0 Ecuador, 2-1 Bolivia, 1-1 Paraguay, 2-0 Peru, 1-1 Chile, 2-2 Colombia, 3-1 Venezuela, 3-0 Bolivia, 0-0 Paraguay, 3-0 Uruguay, 1-0 Peru, 1-0 Uruguay, 0-0 Brazil, 2-1 Chile, 1-0 Colombia, 3-0 Venezuela and 1-1 Ecuador.

Uefa-Conmebol Finals (1 game. 1 win): 3 to 0 Italy

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