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A few days ago we experienced the “mermaid eyes” fever invading TikTok and now you should be ready for the wave of the moment: the “doe eyes” or doe eyes. Unlike siren eyes that elongate the eye line and sweep the lashes out for a sexy and sensual look, doe eyes, on the other hand, demonstrate adorable, pure and innocent vibes.

With over 380 million views on TikTok, the mermaid eye trend is favored by celebrities like Megan Fox and Bella Hadid.

The new trend, even more recent, has already grown instantly with more than 335 million views on the social network and the admiration of celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Sydney Sweeney and influencer Wolfie Cindy.

To top it all off, this vibe showcases rounded, flared eyes with a bright spot in the inner corner and a pencil for the waterline.

Mascara needs to be applied upwards and outwards for a wide-eyed, fluttering, fan-like effect and liquid eyeliner is used to create a doe-like movement..

Here we have prepared for you a tutorial on how to reproduce this style at home.

  1. Eyeliner: Follow the lash line with a thin liner to the end of the eye. This simple step will create a more open and decisive look to the eye.
  2. Highlighting: Here you can choose a nude highlighter or a pearly white eyeshadow to give the touch and light to the inner part of the eye. If you prefer your eye to look bigger, use a white liner for the inside of your eye.
  3. Mascara: the black mascara is the secret of the trend, lengthening and giving more volume to the lashes. A tip is, bend the lashes upwards with an eyelash curler, before applying the mascara. On the lids, choose a brownish eyeshadow color to give the eye more depth.

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