Organized groups from Cruzeiro and Palmeiras face off at Fernão Dias, in the interior of MG

Members of organized supporters from Cruzeiro and Palmeiras got involved in a confrontation this Thursday (29) on the Fernão Dias highway, in Carmópolis de Minas, in the Center-West region of the state.

In the images that circulate on social networks, it is possible to see members of the Palmeiras fans, wearing only their underwear, being beaten with clubs. At times, the people filming the attacks even ‘speak’ on behalf of the Mafia Azul fans, one of Cruzeiro’s main fans.


Identity documents and membership cards of the Palmeiras fans were also displayed as if they were ‘trophies’. Police do not confirm, but two Cruzeiro fans would have been shot. All the action would have taken place near the toll station.

Cruzeiro fans were on the road heading to Campinas, where the celestial club faces Ponte Preta, this Thursday (29), in the Brazilian Series B. Palmeiras, on the other hand, came to Belo Horizonte, where Palmeiras plays against Atlético.

The Federal Highway Police were called and moved to the scene. “Occurrence in progress”, summarized inspector Aristides Júnior, still unable to provide further details.

Responsible for the track, Arteris confirmed that the track had to be closed. The Federal Highway Police also operates on site.

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