‘Solar oven, you’ll still have one’: invention dispenses gas and electricity – 09/27/2022

Have you ever thought about making a delicious lunch without spending a dime on gas or electricity? In addition, you cook without polluting the environment or contributing to the greenhouse effect that warms the Earth. If the idea sounds good to you, know that a family from Ceará went viral on social media by producing a series of solar ovens, equipment that does not require the use of gas or electricity.

The physical principle of the solar oven is very simple: a box that lets the sunlight in, but doesn’t let the internal heat out. Anything done to increase the incidence of sunlight inside the invention, transmitting heat into the pan, and prevent internal heat loss, will improve its efficiency.

The oven’s success arose from posts by the designer couple Marina Rosa and Michel Icart. The oven was designed by Marina’s father, Pedro Humberto. THE echo, he said he learned about the solar oven from a retired photographer friend from Fortaleza. Pedro liked the idea and started producing his own ovens.

“My friend José Albano has the blog ‘Solar oven – You’ll still have yours’, where you can find a lot of information about solar ovens, including a step-by-step guide for interested people to build their own oven. of course, neither José Albano nor I invented the solar oven. On the blog there is a history where it is informed: ‘Invented in Switzerland, in 1767, by the naturalist Horace de Saussure’. The solar oven took centuries to be spread around the world”, he said. .

Pedro says that he used some recyclable materials, such as cardboard, paper, metal sheets, wood, glass, and others necessary to assemble the oven, such as glue, aluminum sheets and plastic. The choice of these elements was made for the sake of practicality and to make use of some materials that could be discarded in the environment.

The equipment is impressive, but it is not possible to make all types of food in it, as it heats up slowly.

“Foods that need to be quickly cooked or fried cannot be made in the solar oven. We put the oven in the sun, with the pan and the food to be cooked, at 7 am and leave it under the sun until lunchtime. , it will work well. And nobody needs to take care of it. There is no danger of burning or causing accidents, there is no fire”, he explained.

Family from Ceará builds solar oven to contribute to the environment - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

The solar ovens developed by Pedro Humberto

Image: Personal Archive

Can the oven help families struggling to pay their gas bill?

The family does not think about industrial production. According to Pedro Humberto, the intention is to publicize the idea so that more people can produce their own ovens and, in this way, also contribute to the environment. In Brazil, he points out, the solar oven is little known. However, if any entity is interested in publicizing the idea and making the solar oven reach people who have difficulty accessing gas or other types of fuel, such as alcohol, coal, firewood, Pedro Humberto would be happy to help.

“I have no difficulty paying the electricity bill or buying gas. The oven is an option out of passion. The use of solar energy for cooking is so interesting that I adopted it without thinking about the economic issue. healthy and appetizing, the use of recyclable materials and the non-use of fossil fuels gives a feeling of collaborating for a better world.”, he says.

Family from Ceará builds solar oven to contribute to the environment - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Ceará family builds solar oven to contribute to the environment

Image: Personal Archive

Marina Rosa, daughter of Pedro Humberto, and her partner Michel Icart have a strong connection with the sea, having lived on sailboats for years. The couple contributes to environmental causes, with actions ranging from beach cleaning events to the dissemination and monitoring of maritime expeditions by environmental projects and NGOs.

“We are developing our own project: an electric and intelligent catamaran, where technology and innovation act in favor of sustainability and bring facilities to everyday life. We are going to build it and share everything on social networks, with the aim of serving as a inspiration so that more people can use the solutions in their own homes. There is much more where the solar oven came from. It is just one of the systems we are studying”, says Marina.

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