Stunning photos show state of Ukrainian soldiers after capture

The most impressive image is of soldier Mykhaylo Dianov

The most impressive image is of soldier Mykhaylo Dianov

Photo: Ukrainian Security Service

Images released after the exchange of more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers following a deal with Russia show the state the fighters were left in after months held captive during the Russian occupation of Azovstal.

The records are from the Security Service of Ukraine, which released the result of the negotiation last week.

The most impressive image is of soldier Mykhaylo Dianov, who had a fractured arm at the time he was detained by the Russians. Newspapers in the country highlighted the before and after of the combatant.

After being released from captivity, Dianov emerged extremely thin and with a deformed arm, proof that he did not receive medical care for his fractured limb.

“Of the 215 prisoners who were rescued from Russian captivity, 200 defenders were exchanged directly for Viktor Medvedchuk,” the Ukrainian Security Service reported.

Medvedchuk is a pro-Russian billionaire businessman who was captured by Ukrainian forces. Vladimir Putin’s government complied with Ukraine’s demands and released Russian soldiers in exchange for the billionaire.

In recent days, Ukraine has managed to drive Russian forces out of regions where Putin’s army held sway. As a result, the Russian president summoned 300,000 reservists to fight and said Moscow would respond with the power of its vast arsenal, raising fears of a nuclear crisis.

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