Subscribers to CadÚnico can receive Telephone Popular at a reduced rate

A lot of people don’t know, but people registered in CadÚnico are entitled to Individual Access Special Class (AICE). This program allows them to earn a reduced-rate landline telephone and up to 90 minutes of calls to landlines. So, here’s how to apply. popular phone!

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Who can win the popular phone?

The benefit of the popular telephone is guaranteed to those enrolled in CadÚnico who fit the classification of families in poverty or extreme poverty. Through it, it is possible to get this line with the right to 90 minutes per month in calls to other landlines.

In this case, there will be a reduced tariff, which varies between R$ 13 and R$ 15, due to the difference in taxation between states. However, it is worth mentioning that these 90 minutes do not include calls to cell phones, nor long distance or international calls.

Thus, if there is an interest or need to make such connections, then it will be necessary to resort to credits. To add credits to the phone, just go to one of the stores of the responsible dealerships or go to a lottery shop. In addition, the amount of credit will be according to the users’ needs.

How to order the popular phone?

The request must be made directly with the concessionaires responsible for providing the service. As we mentioned, there is a variation of companies depending on the state and also region. So, check here which one you should call according to your location:

  • Algar Telecom – 10312: For those who live in the Triângulo Mineiro, some cities in the North of São Paulo, some cities in Goiás, in addition to the city of Paranaíba (MT);
  • Oi – 10314 or 10331: All states in Brazil, with the exception of São Paulo;
  • Vivo – 10331: For residents of São Paulo;
  • Sercomtel – 10343: For families living in the interior of Paraná.

During the call, it will be necessary to inform the CPF number, as well as the Social Identification Number, the NIS. Then, the installation of the device by the dealership technicians must happen within seven days after the request.

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