VIDEO: Fight between Cruzeiro and Palmeiras fans leaves injured at toll plaza in Minas | Midwest

A fight between fans of the organized supporters of Cruzeiro – Mafia Azul – and Palmeiras – Mancha Verde – ended with four people injured in the BR-381 Toll Plaza, in Carmópolis de Minas, in the Midwest of Minas, this Wednesday (28). O video above shows a Palmeiras fan lying on the beaten asphalt and voices in the background saying: “La Mancha lost, don’t beat it anymore, don’t beat it anymore”.

Another video shared on social media shows his identity card in the possession of Minas Gerais fans.

In a video, organized supporters of Cruzeiro say they have seized the identity card of the president of Mancha Verde, Jorge Luís – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

Jorge Luís, current president of the Palmeiras Mancha Verde organized crowd — Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

According to information from Concessionária Arteris, which manages the highway, two fans with minor injuries and two others with serious injuries were sent to the Municipal Emergency Service (PAM) in the city of Oliveira.

The Military Police (PM) and the Federal Highway Police (PRF) are at the scene. The Civil Police reported that it is deploying a team to investigate the facts and carry out the necessary surveys. The corporation clarified that the incident is in progress and as soon as the work of the Judiciary Police is concluded, the information will be passed on to the press.

O g1 made contact with Mancha Verde and is awaiting a return.

In a post on Twitter, Cruzeiro’s supporters said that they “were surprised by Palmeiras fans on the road in an ambush, where they even carried a firearm, which ended up injuring occupants of our caravan”. See the full text below.

“Today an unfortunate event took place where we need to act in self-defense to defend the integrity of everyone who is present to follow the show later in Campinas, where Cruzeiro faces Ponte Preta.
The planning of a caravan is carefully thought out and in this planning that we chose for today was to leave at 06:00 on the day of the game, because by the time of travel we knew that the caravan that came from São Paulo and was announced leaving at 00:00: 00 had already arrived in BH, when during the trip we were surprised by Palmeiras fans on the road in an ambush, where they even carried a firearm, which ended up injuring occupants of our caravan.
The reality of caravans is quite different from the theory, it has the difficulty of the road and safety, without us it would be much worse for the common fan who travels to accompany their favorite team, as it was in the South before our arrival where fans were attacked common in the ticket purchase queue. The question that remains is, how does a caravan that left São Paulo take 12 hours to arrive in Belo Horizonte?”

*Updated report.

Fight between Cruzeiro and Palmeiras fans that took place on the morning of this Wednesday (28) — Photo: Rede Social/Reproduction

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