Viola Davis suffered racism from a Brazilian in the United States

posted on 9/25/2022 12:45 pm / updated on 9/25/2022 5:00 pm

(credit: Disclosure/ABC)

Actress Viola Davis came to Brazil to promote her new film king woman. At the time, she participated in the program Conversation with Bill, from Rede Globo, which aired last Saturday, 24th. The producer recalled when she suffered racism from a Brazilian woman, who owned the apartment she lived in during a period in the United States. “Yes, she was Brazilian. It was my first apartment after I left college. It was a beautiful apartment that I shared with a friend. And the owner, when she discovered that I shared an apartment with this girl, was furious”, Viola reported.

The actress continues her explanation remembering the treatment received by the woman. “She said she didn’t like black people, didn’t trust them… So I couldn’t have any nephews of mine, I couldn’t have any visitors. Not even my parents. , every time she saw me waiting for the bus, she assumed I was a prostitute”.

When asked by Pedro Bial if the sound of the Portuguese language made Viola remember not very good things from her childhood, the actress replied that she lived through very good and not so pleasant things when she was a child, and this was related to a boy who studied with her when she the artist was still a girl.

“I think you are probably referring to my first memory. Of a boy who chased me after school and he was from Cape Verde. They are black and Portuguese. People don’t understand the difference in race and ethnicity. He had adopted a kind of mentality that didn’t want to be associated with African-Americans. He thought they had a lower status. So I have very strong memories of Cape Verdeans, he certainly tormented me a lot.”

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