Who is Brenda Pavanelli, Neymar’s new affair

Brenda Pavanelli, identified as Neymar’s new affair, followed the match between Brazil and Tunisia, in Paris, yesterday afternoon. The 25-year-old influencer is followed by over 100k people on Instagram.

The athlete has been single since the end of his relationship with Bruna Biancardi. Rumors about an approximation between Neymar and Brenda emerged in August, before Bruna confirmed the end with the player.

The striker’s fans noticed that the influencer, born in Rio Preto (SP), was at Ney’s house, in France, in the company of some friends. Now, with his going to the game, the rumors have gained even more strength.

She has lived alone in the city of São Paulo for 3 years and has already reported on TikTok the “futile problems” of living alone.

“Paying rent, no car, and my parents cut everything off me as soon as I left Rio Preto. Independence is not an easy task, much less being an adult. I miss being a teenager, I lived with my parents and still earned an allowance” .

The surname Pavanelli made some people curious about a possible relationship with the also influencer and actress Flávia Pavanelli. Brenda, however, has no relationship with Kevinho’s ex.

Similar to Marquezine?

On social media, many point out that the influencer is similar to Bruna Marquezine, Neymar’s ex-girlfriend. The same was said about Bruna Biancardi.

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