Windows Phone emulator can run games from the old system

Beloved by many users, Windows Phone was discontinued by Microsoft after failing to achieve the same success as Android and having low adherence from application developers. With the end of system support, many native apps and games were closed, but luckily it is possible to run them through a mobile emulator.

Reportedly, the emulator is still in its early stages, being compatible with only 15 titles that run in the WP-readable file format, including “Earthworm Jim”, “Skulls of the Shogun”, “Plants vs Zombie”, “The Sims 3″, Civilization Revolution”, “Brain Challenge”, among others.

Like other emulators, WPR Alpha is not yet available on the Play Store and must be downloaded via the .apk extension, a format that requires activating the “Unknown sources” function in the system settings. As the portal explains Android Policesome games fail to run depending on the smartphone being used.

The expectation is that the emulator will gain support for more apps soon. Meanwhile, users may find it difficult to use Alpha version

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