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Luciana Vieira dos Santos in front of the tel
‘Cinema in such a beautiful space is really fantastic’, says Luciana Vieira dos Santos, in Praça da Liberdade (photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press)

Cinema the best diverse. In the dark room or outdoors, what is really worth the thrill of being in front of the big screen to watch a good story, learn about other customs and travel on the wings of imagination to any place on the planet.

The experience of watching a film at Praça da Liberdade, in the Center-South region of Belo Horizonte, won applause when it was shared, on the night of this Thursday (22/9), the first day of spring, by the audience attentive to “Maria do Carit”, a film set in the Northeast and starring actress Lilia Cabral.

With a red carpet and opening the Cine-Praa Exhibition, in an open space at Praça da Liberdade, the session is part of the 16th CineBH – Belo Horizonte International Film Festival and the 13th Brasil CineMundi. The wide program runs until next Sunday (25/9).

Public approves the cinema in the square

Who was liked. A resident of Bairro Nova Vista, in the Northeast Region of Belo Horizonte, Maria da Conceio Fidlis, who works in general services, arrived early and sat in the front row.

“I haven’t seen a movie at the cinema for many years, because I lived in Matozinhos (Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte) and there was no cinema. It was difficult, right? I am very happy to be here, I am sure I will enjoy the other attractions”, she stated.

The threat of rain did not hold back at Luciana Vieira dos Santos, a resident of Bairro Guarani, in the North Region of Belo Horizonte. “I brought a raincoat, that’s for sure. I invited some friends, but they didn’t want to come. They who are losing. Cinema in such a beautiful space is really fantastic”, said Luciana, who plans to see “Eduardo e Mnica” this Friday (23/9).

People watch the movie,
Outdoor sessions at Praça da Liberdade have free admission
(photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press)

Joo Caetano, 24, an architecture student at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), says that the citizen’s appropriation of the square, especially for cultural activities, is of the utmost importance. “I’m glad to be here, even more than for free,” he said.

The story of Maria do Carit aroused a lot of laughter. Nearing her 50th birthday and living in a small town in the northeast, Lilia Cabral’s character makes love to get married, although she has been promised to So Djalminha since birth, due to the difficult delivery. But hopes resurface with the arrival of a circus.

Until next Sunday, Praça da Liberdade will host Cine-Praa, one of the highlights of the 16th CineBH program. With free admission, the public will be able to watch outdoor sessions of national films.

Alameda gets a special structure

Universo Produo, organizer of the event, set up a special structure on the central avenue of Praça da Liberdade, with around 200 available seats and a huge screen. the first time exhibitions take place there. In other editions, it was common for CineBH to show films outdoors in Praça da Estação, downtown, for example.

This Friday (23/9), at 8 pm, “Eduardo e Mnica” (2022) will be shown at Praça da Liberdade. Directed by Ren Sampaio, the film has Alice Braga and Gabriel Leone as the protagonists of the love story, the same one described in the homonymous song by Renato Russo.

On Saturday (24/9), the documentary “Belchior – Just a wild heart” will be on display at 8 pm. The film took hundreds of people to Praça Tiradentes, in Ouro Preto, during the last edition of CineOP, in June.

To close the Cine-Praa program, the selected film was the comedy “We will not pay anything”, by Joo Fonseca, with Samantha Schmtz, Flvia Reis, Edmilson Filho and Fernando Caruso. The Sunday session (25/9) starts at 19:30.


The complete program is available at www.cinebh.com.br

Scene from the movie Eduardo and M
Film ‘Eduardo e Mónica’ will be the attraction this Friday (23/9) (photo: Downtown/disclosure)

BH: Brazilian audiovisual hub

In parallel with the 16th CineBH, the 13th Brasil CineMundi was held, aimed at the cinema market. Since September 20, the capital of Minas Gerais has become a national audiovisual hub.

This edition’s honoree is actress Rejane Faria, who received the Belo Horizonte Trophy. She is part of the cast of “Mars Um”, which will fight for a spot at the Oscars for Brazil, in the Best International Film category.

Totally free, the program has 116 national and international films in 75 sessions. Around 80 guests will participate in debates, conversation circles, commented sessions, workshops, masterclasses, workshop, script labs and business meetings. The events occupy 11 spaces in the capital of Minas Gerais.

Director of Universo Produo, responsible for CineBH and CineMundi, Raquel Hallak says that this year’s edition seeks to connect Brazilian production with Latin America. The intention, points out the producer, is to cover a gap that exists in our country.

The program of events is divided between Praça da Liberdade, UNA Cine Belas Artes, Cine Santa Tereza, Cine Humberto Mauro, Sesc Palladium and Centro Cultural Unimed-BH Minas.

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