Woman spends three days in hospital after Chihuahua defecates on her face – News

British Amanda Gommo, 51, was hospitalized for three days after the Chihuahua in the house where she lives defecated on her face. The gruesome incident took place during a nap in which the animal’s victim was hit by a violent jet of diarrhea.

“I felt something squirt in my mouth,” the woman reported, as reported by the Daily Star tabloid. “I ran to the bathroom and my son was in the shower so before washing her I had time to snap a picture quickly!”

Hours after the incident, Amanda began vomiting violently: “I just couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth,” she recalled.

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Belle, as the dog is called, was taken to the vet and was diagnosed with a stomach problem. With the same cramps presented by the chihuahua, the woman also sought medical help, at which point she was offered painkillers and the advice to drink plenty of fluids.

However, 48 hours later, the symptoms had spread throughout Amanda’s body, and she was sent a second time to the hospital. This time by ambulance.

At the scene, she was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal infection, transmitted through Belle’s feces. After three days, the patient was discharged and claimed to have forgiven the pet: “I still love her with all my heart, but I will definitely be more aware of where we sleep in the future,” she said.

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