‘X-Men’: Jason Isaacs as Magneto in AWESOME realistic fan art; Check out!

Since the disney bought the Foxthe fans of ‘X-Men‘ are waiting for updates on the MCU’s introduction of mutants.

And of course, audiences are already theorizing which actors could bring the franchise’s most iconic mutants, like Magneto, to life.

Through Instagram, a fan shared a stunning fan art imagining Jason Isaacs (‘Harry Potter’) as the villain.

The art shows the character with the helmet worn by Ian McKellen in the first trilogy, but this time with a metallic look, along with the all-grey uniform.

Check out:

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So, do you think he would be a good choice for the role?

Remembering that Isaacs and Lior Raz were cast in the cast of ‘The Crowded Room’an upcoming anthology series on mental disorders in Apple TV+.

The duo joins the previously announced Tom Hollandwhich will star Danny Sullivan, inspired by Billy Milliganthe first person to be acquitted of a crime because of Multiple Personality Disorder (also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder).

The information indicates that Isaacs will be Jack Lamb, friend of Danny’s biological father and boss of Yitzhak, Danny’s landlord who will be played by Raz.

Emmy Rossum is also part of the production as Danny’s mother, appearing in several sequels in flashback.

In addition to starring, Holland also joins as an executive producer on the series.

the filmmaker Akiva GoldsmanOscar winner for Best Adapted Screenplay by the movie ‘A brilliant mind‘, is responsible for the project.

Based on the biography’The Minds of Billy Milligan‘, in Daniel Keyesthe series is described as an “exciting anthology” that will explore “the true and inspiring stories of those who struggled and learned to live with mental illness”.

Ten episodes have been ordered for the first season.

Still without a premiere date, the series also has Amanda Seyfried (‘Anon’), Christopher Abbott (‘The Sinner’), Sasha Lane (‘Loki’) and Emma Laird (‘The Owner of Kingstown’).

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