Young girl is hit by roller coaster while trying to recover cell phone; serious condition

A young woman was hit by a roller coaster in a park in Australia. The accident took place last Sunday (25). According to witnesses, 26-year-old Shylah Rodden was trying to retrieve her cell phone when she was hit by the speeding toy.

According to the Daily Mail, the young woman was rescued and taken to hospital, she was left with serious injuries and is in a coma.

“She has a brain injury, a pelvic injury, her arms, legs, back, neck, they are all bruised. There is hardly a thing that is not broken”, informed the young woman’s family.

The toy was reopened two days after the accident and Rodden’s family didn’t like the attitude. The young woman’s father does not believe that the accident was the daughter’s fault.

“There are a lot of stories going around and I don’t know which one is true and if someone is covering their tracks,” said Shylah’s father.

The park where the accident took place has spoken out and said that the safety and well-being of visitors are number one priorities and that there are strict safety protocols in place.

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