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Ryan Reynolds broke the internet by revealing not only the release date of deadpool 3 but also that Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine, joining Deadpool once and for all. Fans have been wanting this legendary team to happen after years of speculation and subtle hints, and now it looks like they’ve finally gotten their wish.

The circumstance of this announcement could not have been more perfect were it not for Reynolds and Jackman’s pre-existing involvement in the online sphere. A big part of the dynamic between Reynolds and Jackman is their friendly rivalry, which has continued with the two actors having fun over the years – and heading towards the exciting deadpool 3 triumph.

Reynolds Wears Jackman Face Socks

The perfect time for Reynolds and Jackman to troll each other is on birthdays. On Jackman’s 53rd birthday, Reynolds had a very special message that he shared via TikTok.

In the short video with “A Million Dreams” by Jackman’s the greatest showman playing in the background, Reynolds reveals that he made socks printed with Jackman’s face and a video caption that read, “Socks to be Hugh.” Jackman responded with his own video thanking fans for their birthday wishes and telling everyone that Reynolds had “closed” his socks and that if fans asked, he could make a pair, or he could give them the ones he wore.

Reynolds and Jackman call a truce

In a rare serious role for Reynolds, he and Jackman appeared in a video together to call a “truce” to their “feud”, which featured the two actors making promotional videos for each other’s company – Aviation Gin and Laughing Man Coffee, respectively. . But Jackman had other plans in mind.

While Reynolds did it all with his commercial for Laughing Man Coffee, Jackman’s video promoting Aviation Gin simply showed Jackman dropping a bottle of Aviation Gin on a table and letting it run out. Reynolds looked stunned that Jackman would betray the truce like that, especially after working so hard on the Laughing Man coffee commercial. Jackman’s response was, “I didn’t think the truce was really real.”

X-Men Reunion with Reynolds Zoom Falling

In 2020, Jackman and several other X-Men actors, including Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry, met on Zoom for an X-Men reunion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first film. X-Men movie. But, it was a meeting that Reynolds promptly dropped.

Not only did Reynolds crash the meeting, he brought James McAvoy and Sophie Turner alongside him. Shortly after that, all the cast members left for other meetings, leaving Jackman and Reynolds alone on the call. Reynolds then realised, to Jackman’s horror, that this was now a reunion for a guilty pleasure comic book movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Jackman’s horror and Reynold’s delight increased when the companion Origins of the X-Men actor Liev Schreiber joined the call.

Logan’s Birthday

About loganOn Jackman’s third birthday, Jackman posted on social media about it and thanked fans for the experience after formally retiring from the role in 2017. This, of course, left him open to some epic Reynolds silliness.

Following Jackman’s post, Reynolds made a social media post of his own, sharing a scene from deadpool 2 who mocked Wolverine’s death in logan. This post was accompanied by an equally hilarious caption that poked fun at the movie and Jackman himself, proving that the two men will get whatever chance they can to prank each other in their ongoing friendly feud.

Ryan Reynolds’ mask

Fans loved it when Reynolds pranked Jackman wearing a mask of his in Dead Pool. So, to get attention, Jackman knew exactly how to respond.

Posting on Instagram, Jackman covered his face with a Ryan Reynolds mask and began teasing Reynolds in various ways to celebrate Reynolds’ star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The burns in the video included several hits on Reynolds, such as mentioning that Jackman was the sexiest man in the People long before Reynolds and that Reynolds was the star of The 12th Best DC Comics Film, Green Lantern.”

Happy birthday, Hugo!

In yet another Jackman birthday prank, Reynolds prepared a special video for him on his 50th birthday during Jackman’s party. The man. The music. The presentation. concert in Indianapolis.

After Jackman took a quick hit on Reynolds, the Dead Pool actor suddenly appeared on the screen, saying, “I was just going to wish you a happy birthday. Then I saw what you did. In a word, ‘painful’. He then sang “Happy Birthday” to Jackman as his team took the stage. Reynolds ended this seemingly peaceful moment after the song with an inaccurate message to Jackman before saying goodbye, with his troll duties complete.

Jackman’s Wedding Anniversary Comfort

Reynolds has great onscreen comedy chemistry with Jackman, but that doesn’t mean he’s safe from Reynolds’ antics — no matter the occasion. This included Hugh Jackman’s wedding anniversary.

On his 24th anniversary with Deborra-Lee Furness, Jackman posted a heartfelt message on Instagram with an old photo of the couple. Reynolds, never missing a chance to ruin anything sincere coming from Jackman, added a hilarious comment to the post telling Furness to “hold on tight.”

Movie poster modification

Ryan Reynolds’ recent film, free facegot an official poster years before the movie was released in 2021. That poster quickly became the subject of another priceless Jackman prank.

Jackman shared the work of a fan who modified the free face poster, then featured Jackman’s face over Reynolds’ face, as well as promoting Jackman’s coffee company. In response to this, Reynolds found a second fan poster created by the same fan who parodied the Jackman movie, the greatest showmanonly this poster featured Reynolds and Aviation Gin.

car hood mural

there is no doubt that logan one of the best X-Men movies ever made, but that didn’t stop Reynolds from mocking him.

When Jackman posted on Twitter about murals commemorating the movie being released in Australia, Reynolds took the time to comment, “I have one of these murals on the hood of my car. Best decision ever.” The implication of this comment is immediately clear, and it only serves as another comedic moment in the never-ending battle between Jackman and Reynolds to see who can troll the other.

The Christmas Sweater Prank (with Jake Gyllenhaal)

Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds

Source: Instagram

In one of the most epic pranks of the Reynolds-Jackman feud, Jackman scored a huge victory – with a little help from Jake Gyllenhaal.

Gyllenhaal and Jackman’s duo apparently convinced Reynolds that the party they were attending was an ugly sweater party. But when Reynolds arrived in his ugly sweater, he found he had been tricked into being the only one wearing an ugly sweater. Later, being the good sportsman he is, Jackman was also photographed wearing the same sweater, showing that the two men are still best friends even when trolling each other.

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