Actress KiKi Layne claims she was ‘cut from most of the movie’ Rolling Stone

KiKi Layne played Margaret Watkins in Don’t Worry Honey, a film directed by Olivia Wilde and starring Florence Pugh

interpreter of Margaret Watkins in Do not worry, dear, Kiandra “KiKi” Layne stated like most of her scenes in the film directed by Olivia Wilde were cut from the final version.

Known for roles in If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) and The Old Guard (2020), Layne talked about deleting several scenes from the film in an Instagram video with Ari’el Stachelalso an actor Do not worry, dear (via NME).

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the best thing about Do not worry, dear I was lucky enough to meet Ari’el Stachel. They cut us out of most of the movie, but we thrive in real life,” the actress wrote on social media. “I love you, ari #HaveMyPayment #HaveMeuHomem #TudoAcontecePorUmMotivo.”

In response, Ari’el Stachel wrote on Instagram: “My love. You are a queen and your talent shines so brightly. I was thirsty before and I’m thirsty now.” He played Ted in the movie starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles.

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More about Do not worry, dear

Released in Brazilian cinemas on September 22, 2022, Do not worry, dear follows a housewife who lives in an experimental community. She begins to suspect how the company her husband works for hides some disturbing secrets. with direction of Olivia Wildethe cast includes names such as Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, KiKi Layne, Gemma Chan and Nick Kroll.

Do not worry, dear: Film production denies conflict between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh

One of the main movie releases in 2022, Do not worry, dear was surrounded by rumors of backstage controversies, including an alleged shouting match between Florence Pughinterpreter of Aliceand Olivia Wilde, director of the film. Because of this, part of the production team of the feature denied this speculation.

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In all, 40 members of the film’s production respond to the rumor of the conflict between the two artists – and called the whole situation “absurd gossip,” according to information from the TheWrap. Among the professionals who spoke out were production assistants, department heads and producers.

“As a team, we avoided addressing the absurd gossip surrounding the film we are so proud of, but felt the need to correct the anonymous ‘sources’ cited in a recent article,” they said. “There has never been a shouting match between our director and anyone, least of all a member of our cast.”

Don't Worry Honey Poster

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“We are happy to put our names to this, as real people who worked on the film and who witnessed and benefited from the collaborative and safe space that olivia creates as a director and leader,” they continued. See below for the full list of people who denied the rumors:

  1. Chris Baughlocation manager
  2. Josh Bramerowner of the property
  3. Katie Byronproduction designer
  4. Matthew Libatiquedirector of photography
  5. Steve Morrowsound mixer
  6. Arianne Phillipscostume designer
  7. Alex G. Scottexecutive producer
  8. Katie Silbermanwriter/producer
  9. Heba Thorisdottirhead of the makeup department
  10. Eliana Alcouloumreproduction assistant
  11. Mary Florence Brownart director
  12. Monica Chamberlainassistant costume designer
  13. Conrad Curtissecond second assistant director
  14. Raphael Di Feboassistant property master
  15. Rachael Ferrarastage decorator
  16. Jake Ferrerolighting technician
  17. Jeff Ferreroelectrician
  18. Zach Gulaset designer
  19. Yani Gutierrezproduction assistant
  20. David Hechtassistant property master
  21. Becca Holsteinassistant director
  22. Nic Jonesprogrammer
  23. Michael Kaletamicrophone operator
  24. Gerardo Laraelectrician
  25. JB Leconteprobe program
  26. Lexi Leeset designer
  27. John Mangcamera operator
  28. Mark Mannbest boy
  29. Gideon Markhamlighting console programmer
  30. Alex Mazekiangraphic artist
  31. Melissa McSorleyfood stylist
  32. Bryan Mendozasound utility
  33. Luis Morenorigging gaffer
  34. Noelle Pinolacomfortable
  35. Scott Sakamotocamera operator
  36. Chris Scharffenbergset designer
  37. Grace Shawproduction assistant
  38. Alexander Szuchelectrician
  39. Erika Tothart director
  40. Tricia Yoocostume designer

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