Alert! Old WhatsApp Versions May Have Critical Vulnerability

Periodically, the operating systems are no longer updated, allowing the renewal of the features present in cell phones. From the moment that iOS or Android stop receiving the latest updatesyou are prevented from using the latest versions of several applications.

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In this way, the device becomes partially obsolete, failing to respond to certain commands.

security notifications

All major social networks issue notes regarding security conditions, alerting the public. On September 23 this year, WhatsApp released a statement stating that if the app is not updated, the chances of cyberattacks increase. Therefore, always be aware of the guidelines of those responsible for data engineering of technology companies.

Protective barriers need to evolve

It’s not just the look of the platform that is constantly improving, as this evolution also takes place in the strengthening of privacy. Either in the correction of encryption factors or in the processing of information that generate the activities. In this case, the more the code fails to evolve, the greater the opportunities for hackers to act according to their purposes.

National Vulnerability Database

The identification of frauds has become a public commitment, as digital citizenship must ensure the dignity of all. The bug CVE-2022-36934 was registered in the National Vulnerability Database, a registration tool that promotes the fight against cyberterrorism.

Another flaw, recorded as CVE-2022-27492, presented an even more critical risk, achieving a score of 7.8 out of 10. Registrations help curb online criminal actions or linked to any digital medium.

This time even the iOS system was not spared, so check out the versions that present the most risks to users:

  • Whatsapp for Android earlier than v2.22.16.12.
  • WhatsApp Business for Android earlier than v2.22.16.12.
  • WhatsApp for iOS older than v2.22.16.12.
  • WhatsApp Business for iOS prior to v2.22.16.12.

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