Anderson Barros detonates refereeing after Palmeiras’ victory over Atlético-MG: ‘We had interference’

After Palmeiras’ 1-0 victory over Atlético-MG, for the Brasileirão, football director Anderson Barros gave a press conference complaining about the refereeing at Mineirão. According to the manager, Verdão was harmed in the match by referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique.

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Anderson Barros recalled the situation in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil against São Paulo, in which the offside line in the position of striker Calleri was not drawn by the VAR machine. The bid in question resulted in a penalty that took the decision to penalties, where Palmeiras was eliminated.

– Once again we need to talk about arbitration. We need to talk about our refereeing decisions. In the recent past, we had a situation in the Copa do Brasil that, until today, we have not had any explanation. We are playing a difficult and extremely competitive Brazilian Championship. We came to play inside Mineirão with a team like Atlético-MG and, once again, we had interference from arbitration and VAR – he complained.

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Finally, the football director of the club alviverde still recalled bids in the match against Galo where, according to his view, Marcelo de Lima Henrique was wrong to not warn opposing players with cards.

– When the referee needed what would be the tool that would facilitate his work, once again we had gross errors. The penalty in Atuesta not having been scored was grotesque. We can talk more. The first Dodo cart on Mayke would be the first yellow, then he should have been warned with a red one. We had a rough start on Ron. They were grotesque mistakes, he concluded.

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