App driver famous for ‘delivering’ cheating husband to wife

An Uber driver from the United States became famous on social media after she said she turned over a husband, who was cheating on his wife, and his lover, to the man’s wife, after the two went for a ride with her.

Known as Roni, the driver took to TikTok to detail how “karma” came back to the man after she picked him up at the family home.

She claimed the man’s wife and children “walked him to the car” to say goodbye to him, but he added a new destination as soon as he got inside.

“So we stop at the stop and this lady comes out with some luggage and a bag. She walks in and says, ‘I’m so glad you finally got rid of your damn wife,'” the driver said.

She said the couple kissed before her husband changed the landing location.

“So they continued talking and she said, ‘I’m tired of you discouraging me, when are you going to break up with her?’ And he said, ‘I have some things I need to work out, we’ll talk about that later”.

That was all Roni needed to hear. The outraged driver ignored the man’s fate and took him and his lover back to her family’s home.

She said the man quickly realized he was being “caught” and the woman started “freaking out”.

Roni defended her decision to expose the man and said she would not face consequences from Uber.

“Understand one thing, this is my car, I’m self-employed, I’m an independent contractor. If I choose to end your trip, it’s my choice. If you were doing something bad to my car, I have the right to deal with it as I see fit,” she said.

“There’s nothing worse than a ‘dog’… Do this shit in my car and you’ll end up like this. Karma is what it is. Be better people, do the best you can in life.” completed the driver.

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