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One of the films that is generating the most comments on social networks, without a doubt, is the production blondewhich is inspired by the eternal great Hollywood actress, Marilyn Monroe. And it is clear that it is a huge challenge to play the actress, and that role was left to Ana de Armas.

The director of the film for Netflix, Andrew Dominik, spoke in a recent interview about the journey to find the perfect actress for the role. He revealed that it was in the horror Bata Antes de Enter, that he noticed Ana de Armas, who in this feature, gives life to one of the two girls who make Keanu Reeves’ character hell.

“Ana has the same quality as Marilyn Monroe: the film revolves around her when she appears on screen. It’s like she’s the sun, and everything orbits around her. What happens to her in the movie is what matters, not the movie itself. The challenge with casting someone to play Marilyn Monroe is that you have to understand what all the fuss is about. And in the case of Marilyn’s films, you can see that she is always the most important thing in the film.“, revealed the director to the website Omelete, in Venice.

“I was stunned when he invited me. This wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t a character that should have been in my way. But Andrew and the material were stronger than my fears. I had to do it”, said Ana de Armas when she received the invitation.

It is worth remembering that ‘Blonde’ is not a biography of Marilyn Monroe, but an adaptation of the book by Joyce Carol Oates, which has more than 700 pages. Because of this, her second husband, Joe DiMaggio, is just the former athlete, and the third, Arthur Miller, is the playwright.

Actress Ana de confesses that she learned a lot from Marilyn, which is worth mentioning that she suffered oppression from the male gaze, various physical and sexual abuse, and among many other things, she also suffered multiple abortions that some spontaneous and others provoked. “She was brave. She put up with a lot. And it’s like she was born at 30. We don’t know who the child was, who the teenager was. Who was she? So I learned that with her life experiences, her traumas, her pain, you have to be really strong to move on.”said Anne.

Blonde is now available on Netflix.

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