Bride and bridesmaids arrive at church in police van: ‘life sentence’

Many brides dream of arriving from limousine to the church where they are going to be married. And it was no different with Alisha Brierley. The 23-year-old beautician got into the classic car to be taken, along with her mother and godmothers, last Saturday (24/9), to the Church of St. Paul, in Wednesbury (England). However, along the way, the dream was shattered: an oil leak made the limousine break down.

But a group of police officers on duty for a football match decided to help. They took Alisha and her escorts to the church in a police van. The “triumphal” arrival left the groom, Luke, 24, stunned, his groomsmen and other guests, already worried about the delay beyond the usual.

“I was crying at first thinking about what I was going to do. Then Sarah-Jane (one of the bridesmaids) saw the police van and went to see if they would take us. The police were great. They insisted on helping. I planned it, but who else can say they arrived at the wedding like this?”declared the bride, according to “Sun”.

Bride and bridesmaids arrive at church in police van in England Photo: Reproduction

Bride and bridesmaids in police van heading to police church
Bride and bridesmaids in a police van heading to the police church Photo: Reproduction

“A police officer took a video saying ‘Luke this is your life sentence’ and the camera turned to me. I just want to say a huge thank you to them. They were amazing and helped me a lot on my big day.”added the Englishwoman.

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