Can using cell phone before bed cause damage to health? Understand!

Nowadays, wherever we go, we take our smartphone. We use the device all day to access social networks, news, watch movies, series and even study. It really is a ‘friend’ of all hours. We took our cell phones to bed and used the internet before going to sleep. We keep the device even under our pillow.

Certainly, the smartphone is a very useful device. It helps us with work, studying and even doing some homework. After all, who has never searched the internet for how to cook something, for example? So it is. But everything has a limit. When we go to bed, it’s time to put him down. That’s because watching things on your cell phone before bed can be very harmful to your health. Let’s find out what might happen next?

Find out why it’s not good to use your cell phone before going to sleep (Photo: publicity)

Don’t use cell phone before bed

Most likely you don’t even realize how dependent you are on your smartphone. And, in the face of this, you know even less how this frequent use can harm your health. Some people (you, possibly), keep their cell phone in their hand until just before bed. While it may seem like a harmless habit, it is not. Check out some damage that this habit can bring:

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Psychologically busy mind

Before taking it, the last thing our brain needs is to aggregate more information. After all, we have spent the whole day using the organ and at night it is necessary to relax. Checking the phone before bed makes us more active and awake, even if it’s quickly.

With your mind active and engaged, this can disrupt your sleep and make it difficult for you to sleep. Bedtime should be a peaceful, happy and relaxing time, an experience that can be affected by smartphone use.

light x melatonin

Did you know that blue light coming out of your phone screen is bad for your eyesight and your brain? So it is. Suppressed melatonin levels and blue light exposure are directly related.

The lack of the melatonin hormone makes you feel sleepy, irritable and tired during the day. The blue light of the cell phone “emulates” daylight, that is, receiving it directly on the face at night affects your internal biological clock and, consequently, your sleep.

REM sleep

No, we’re not talking about the band responsible for hits like “Losing My Religion” and “Everybody Hurts.” All kidding aside, using your cell phone before bed can delay your REM sleep, a sleep phase characterized by rapid eye movements, involuntary muscle movements, vivid dreams, intense brain activity, faster heartbeat and breathing. These sensations can cause you to stare at the ceiling for a long time, keeping you awake for hours.

Therefore, it is not recommended that you check your cell phone before going to sleep. This ‘innocent act’ can cause agitated thoughts, distractions and, of course, anxiety. So, leave your phone in a corner (not under the pillow or beside the bed) and put it to sleep thinking only about resting.

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