Cássio comments on wax of Atlético-GO athletes and jokes: ‘I do it too’

By defeating Atlético-GO 2-1, Corinthians interrupted the sequence of three games without a win in the Brazilian Championship and returned to the G4 of the competition.

Cássio was once again an important part of Timão, making two important saves during the match against Dragão. The Corinthians captain analyzed the team’s victory and spoke about the opponent’s posture.

“Happy for the victory. But at certain moments we lost a little concentration. In a general context of the game, we looked for the result from the beginning. Atlético came with the proposal to defend and go on the counterattack, and that, at certain moments , it is difficult to control. The team is attacking, sometimes, and it is a little disorganized in this sense”, started the Corinthian captain in the mixed zone.

“I see, at the end of the day, a positive balance. It’s difficult to talk about performance now, I prefer to score points and stay among the first. pondered.

Corinthians’ next opponents in the competition are Cuiabá and Juventude, and like Atlético-GO, the teams are in the relegation zone. The goalkeeper wants to use the next few days to analyze the mistakes made against Atlético-GO to score in the sequence against the Z4 teams.

“Over the course of the week, we should review the bids of this match to improve. Most teams that come here rarely play on us… they start playing as equals. It’s a situation in which we have to identify mistakes in today to try to evolve and, in the next games, suddenly, not suffer so much. I’m happy for everyone’s commitment and for the victory”, he commented.

Many Corinthians fans were uncomfortable with the wax practiced by the Dragon during the second half of the match. In shirt number 12’s view, there is no reason to complain about the strategy adopted by Eduardo Baptista’s team.

“I also do wax (laughs). At that moment, it’s because the guy wanted to come close to me, it was a mistake, but everyone does wax, I’m not going to say I don’t. ball, but it’s a part of the situation. You have to have a good head. I wasn’t annoyed with wax, but with the guys getting around the ball in the fouls”, concluded Cássio.

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