CBF avoids politics in the national team, Neymar associates with Bolsonaro outside of it

with Igor Siqueira

The CBF has avoided any association with candidates or parties during the electoral campaign, both in the board of directors and in the technical committee of the selection. The player Neymar chose to associate himself with the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, with a message of thanks, made when his period with the Brazilian team ended. He did not declare a vote, but his image was used by allies of the PL candidate for re-election in the campaign.

Neither in the CBF nor on the part of coach Tite there is any veto for players to express their political preferences. Even because an orientation in this direction would be undemocratic.

In the week of the first round election, this Wednesday, Bolsonaro visited the Instituto Neymar Jr. in Santos. The visit was posted on the social media of the president and his allies. It shows him interacting with children, giving a speech and receiving a thank-you call from Neymar for his presence.

Later, Neymar recorded a video: “Speak, President Bolsonaro, Tarcísio, Michelle, passing by to thank you for your illustrious visit. I really wanted to be together, but unfortunately I’m far away. But next time I’ll be together. I hope you enjoy the visit there at the Institute, which is my biggest goal I’ve scored in my life. Huge kiss, stay with God, bye, bye”

There was no declaration of vote. But Communications Minister Fábio Faria used the video to ask the president for support on social media. “It cost, @Neymar Jr! TMJ! All in green and yellow, with the national team shirt, to vote for our captain next Sunday! Congratulations on the work at @InstitutoNJr

There is a connection between Neymar and Bolsonaro: meetings have already taken place between the parties with exchanges of gifts, videos and praise. The player has also interacted in a post by the candidate for federal deputy Nikolas Ferreira, who is a Bolsonarista.

The CBF, in turn, has tried to disassociate itself from any politician. The president of the confederation, Ednaldo Rodrigues, advised coach Tite and Juninho to avoid political associations with the Brazilian team, especially in the pre-Cup period. Nor has it received politicians in the entity except in institutional situations.

Another concern of the CBF, in the future, is to detach the shirt from the selection of a certain political movement. The uniform has been worn by Bolsonaro supporters. But there is no veto on individual player demonstrations.

“We don’t limit anyone, I don’t limit anyone at all. In 2021, we had a very difficult situation here. We met in a room, together with the president, and expressed our desire, which at the time was not to host the Copa America. athletes were there. It was not done and we had the dignity to do it, to do the best job possible. And Marquinhos was very happy in an interview in Paraguay. That we have our capacity, that no one is alienated. How important it is that Brazil can grow. How important is health, education. But what matters to us? Football. That everyone who wants to do this, do it in their own way and that here, we gather forces just for football. people look for joy, competitiveness and the dream of being world champion”, said coach Tite, in an interview with UOLremembering the episode of the almost withdrawal from the Copa América in 2021.

And he added: “May the political issue be expressed by politicians, in the CBF. My opinion, my opinion, is essentially football.”

In the past, the CBF used to make political contributions to candidates, which is no longer the case. It was common in previous administrations to use the image of the team in political bargains by managers, especially in the time of Ricardo Teixeira.

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