Ceará loses to Coritiba at Couto Pereira and approaches the relegation zone – Play

O Ceará lost to coritiba 1-0 this Wednesday (28), at the Couto Pereira Stadium, in Curitiba (PR), for the 28th round of Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. Fabricio Daniel scored the only goal of the match.

With the result, the alvinegra team maintains 31 points, being overtaken by Coritiba in the classification table, staying in 16th place.

In the next round, Alvinegro de Porangabuçu receives América-MG, at Arena Castelão. The duel takes place on Saturday (1st), at 15:00 (Brasilia time).

Coritiba vs Ceara | see what the real time was like

First time

The alvinegra team faced difficulties to impose rhythm and pierce the defensive block of Coritiba. Despite having greater possession of the ball (65×35), he could not infiltrate and sought to attack the Coxa Branca team with shots from outside the area and crosses in the area in order to find Jô or Mendoza.

While Ceará kept possession, Coritiba explored passing errors and spaces in the white-and-white marking. Warley was in charge of pulling the counterattacks, as well as Nathanael on the right side. In the 29th minute, Alef Manga received a cross in the area and retreated for Fabricio Daniel to open the scoring at Couto Pereira.

Despite the disadvantage on the scoreboard, Ceará was dominated by apathy and lack of creativity. Richard Coelho, Richardson and Vina tried, but could not give rhythm or progress to the game of Alvinegro de Porangabuçu. At 49 minutes, Mendoza received on the right, cut to the middle and finished placed. The ball goes over Gabriel’s goal.

Second time

The alvinegra apathy persisted throughout the decisive stage. Lucho González’s team sought to accelerate, to give rhythm on the field, but found it difficult.

Striker Jô continued to be called in the area. On two occasions, he retreated to Mendoza and Vina, but submissions stopped at Gabriel.

In the 30th minute, Ceará equalized the score with Marcos Victor, after a free kick by Victor Luís. However, the referee, after checking the VAR, signaled the defender offside. Before, the tool had already annulled a penalty marking in favor of Coxa Branca signaled by Raphael Claus on the field.


coritiba: Gabriel Vasconcelos; Nathanael, Guillermo, Luciano Castán and Rafael Santos; Bruno Gomes, Jesús Trindade and Robinho (Boschilia); Warley (José Hugo), Fabricio Daniel (Bernardo) and Alef Manga (Léo Gamalho). Technician: Guto Ferreira.

Ceará: João Ricardo; Michel Macedo, Messias (Marcos Victor), Lucas Ribeiro and Victor Luís; Richard, Richardson (Guilherme Castilho) and Vina; Lima (Erick), Mendoza (Iury Castilho) and Jô (Jhon Vásquez). Technician: Lucho Gonzalez.


Location: Couto Pereira Stadium
Date: 9/28/22 (Wednesday)
Time: 19:00 (Brasilia time)
Referee: Raphael Claus (FIFA-SP)
Assistants: Danilo Ricardo Simon Manis (FIFA-SP) and Rodrigo Figueiredo Henrique Correa (FIFA-RJ)
VAR: Daniel Nobre Bins (FIFA-RS)

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