Court forces woman to provide nudes to ex-husband

The Utah Justice, in the United States, sentenced a woman to provide intimate photos of herself to her ex-husband. Lindsay Marsh filed for divorce in April 2021 after 25 years of marriage to Christopher Marsh.

One of the disputed items in the division of goods were photos she gave to her then-partner at the beginning of their marriage. Some of the images contained messages intended for the now ex-partner.

Lindsey told KSL-TV that the judge’s position was a violation. “You don’t know how to get by because you don’t know the law. They are forcing me to basically distribute pornography. My ex’s lawyer and the judge also think this decision is ok,” said the ex-wife.

In turn, the ex-husband stated that he only wants the messages contained in the photos, as “these were notes written at a time when Lindsay wanted to say what she wrote. They were moments of love”.

In July, a Davis County judge ordered Christopher Marsh to receive the photos, but with reservations. Images must be returned to the photographer who produced them so that he can censor the images but keep the inscriptions visible “for memory’s sake”. The information is from the news site Insider.

The photographer – a close friend of Lindsey’s – initially refused to edit the photos, arguing that it could harm his business, prompting the judge to order another professional, unknown to Lindsey, to censor the images.

“Did the judge order me to hand over nude photos of my body to third parties I don’t know and without my consent?”

After the backlash, the original photographer agreed to change the photos. According to The Tribune, the friend digitally altered the photos and placed black bands over Marsh’s body, preserving the messages.

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