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One of the main insiders of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Gabe Follower announced last Tuesday (27) that game developers were seen in a possible unpublished map. It was named dust_test_001.

Despite carrying the name of one of Counter-Strike’s most classic maps, this could be a totally different version. The information corroborates a leak earlier this year, which showed a completely reworked version of Dust 2.

With known map elements, it has totally different characteristics. However, one of the main expectations is that it is already being developed with elements of the long-awaited Source 2.

Even though it’s a long shot, Gabe Follower points out that one of the reasons for this is linked to the developers who entered the unpublished test map. That’s because, according to him, they are people specialized in graphic effects — and consequently linked to the possible arrival of the graphics engine.

In recent months, in June and August, a similarly named map has received the attention of developers. At the time, it was registered by Valve as tree_test_001. Therefore, there is an expectation that he has already advanced and received the name “dust”.

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“Both maps were occupied by developers specialized in graphical effects and who actively participated in the development of Source 2 as the graphics engine of Half-Life: Alyx”stated Gabe Follower in a recent publication.

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