Fight between organized: fan is transferred to Divinópolis and remains in serious condition; no one was arrested | football

The victim, who was together with the organized crowd Mancha Verde, from Palmeiras, was admitted to Santa Casa in Carmópolis de Minas after the confusion. Due to the complexity of the situation, the fan was transferred to Hospital São João de Deus on Wednesday afternoon.

In all, 14 people were injured in the clash between organized supporters – Photo: Jean Magno

In a joint investigation between g1 and ge.globe, the report was informed that the other 13 injured (four of them linked to the organized Mafia Azul, from Cruzeiro, and nine who were together with Mancha Verde, from Palmeiras) were released. The information was passed on by Santa Casa de Carmópolis and Hospital São Judas Tadeu, in Oliveira.

Without arrests, case is forwarded to the Civil Police

None of those involved in the fight between the organized crowds in Carmópolis de Minas was arrested.. According to information provided by the spokesperson for the Federal Highway Police, Aristides Júnior, the alleged perpetrators were identified and qualified in the Occurrence Bulletin (BO), which was concluded and forwarded to the Civil Police.

like the ge had previously informed, the firearm used in the crime was not found. The buses that would take Cruzeiro fans to Campinas were intercepted and returned to Belo Horizonte, according to the PRF. Also according to the agency, the vehicles carrying Palmeiras fans continued their journey to the capital of Minas Gerais after being released.

VIDEO: Cruzeiro and Palmeiras organizers get involved in a fight in the countryside of MG

VIDEO: Cruzeiro and Palmeiras organizers get involved in a fight in the countryside of MG

The fight between members of Mancha Verde, from Palmeiras, and Mafia Azul, from Cruzeiro, took place on Wednesday morning, on BR-381, at km 597, in Carmópolis de Minas. The melee left four men shot and 10 men injured by kicks, punches and clubs.

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