Flamengo announces new knee surgery for Bruno Henrique

Flamengo reported that striker Bruno Henrique will undergo another surgery on his right knee tomorrow (30). The striker tore ligaments in the region in July and has been on the mend since then. The procedure should further strengthen the site.

Through a statement published on the official website, Rubro-Negro explained how the process will work, but kept the initial recovery period between ten months to a year.

Bruno Henrique’s multi-ligament injury happened on June 15, against Cuiabá, at Maracanã (RJ), for the Brazilian Championship. When he was communicated about the diagnosis, the player classified it as the “second worst news” of his career.

Confirms Flamengo’s statement

“The Clube de Regatas do Flamengo informs that the athlete Bruno Henrique will undergo an arthroscopy to remove scar fibrosis in the right knee next Friday (30).

The procedure will be performed by surgeon Luiz Antônio Vieira, a doctor who operated on the athlete and explained the reasons for the intervention after the first three months of recovery.

‘Bruno underwent a complex surgery to reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament, lateral collateral and posterolateral corner. The type of reconstruction performed meant that we had to leave him immobilized for six weeks, with little movement. We know that this favors the production of adhesion in the joint. He currently has a stable knee, good extension, but in terms of flexion, we still need to improve. As he is three months old, we indicate an arthroscopy to release adhesions in the region and manipulate the knee so that it reaches full joint flexion’, commented the surgeon in charge.

The recovery period for athlete Bruno Henrique remains between 10 and 12 months. The treatment will continue normally at the CT Ninho do Urubu.”

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