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A fourth leak was detected in Nord Stream gas pipelines linking Russia and Germany across the Baltic Sea and which may have been targets of sabotage, the Swedish Coast Guard said.

“There are two leaks on the Swedish side and two leaks on the Danish side,” a Coast Guard source told AFP.

The fourth leak was located northeast of the Danish island of Bornholm, above the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, the coast guard later specified in a statement.

So far, authorities in the two Scandinavian countries had mentioned three leaks, two in Denmark and one in Sweden.

Map shows Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea — Photo: Arte g1

Detected after two alleged explosions on Monday, the leaks happen in international waters near the island of Bornholm, but within the exclusive economic zones of the two countries.

The Swedish Coast Guard said it detected the new leak on Tuesday, but did not immediately explain why the announcement was delayed.

The two leaks on the Swedish side are in the same sector, at a distance of one nautical mile (1.8 km). The leak on the Danish side is 2.6 miles (4.6 km) away.

So far, Sweden has reported a leak in Nord Stream 1. Denmark has located leaks in each pipeline.

Bubbles appear on the surface of the Baltic Sea near Denmark, after the Nord stream 2 leak — Photo: Danish Defense Command / Reproduction via REUTERS

The leaks are causing bubbles several meters long on the sea surface that make it impossible to immediately inspect the pipes, officials said.

A Swedish Coast Guard ship specializing in decontamination is in the region with a remotely controlled underwater vehicle. Danish vessels were also sent to the sector.

“According to the crew, the flow of visible gas on the surface remains constant,” the Swedish authorities said.

Danish Armed Forces release video of leak on Nordstream 1 and 2

Danish Armed Forces release video of leak on Nordstream 1 and 2

The two pipelines were not in operation due to the war in Ukraine, but were filled with gas for technical reasons.

Suspecting an alleged sabotage of the gas pipelines, Russia counterattacked on Wednesday and accused the United States, which, in turn, denounced a “disinformation” operation.

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