Hurricane Ian leaves 1.8 million people without power in Florida | World

Hurricane Ian, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the United States, flooded southwest Florida, turning streets into rivers. The storm left 1.8 million people without power on Wednesday (28) and threatens to cause catastrophic damage this Thursday (29).

The American press reports that there are people trapped in houses in flooded regions.

Hurricane Ian, which passed through Cuba, made landfall twice in Florida after gaining strength and was elevated this Wednesday (28) to category 4said the country’s National Hurricane Center (NHC).

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The hurricane has winds of up to 250 km/h, according to the NHC. However, Ian had slowed down this Thursday.

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida with winds of over 240 km/h

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida with winds of over 240 km/h

This is one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the US in decades, according to the New York Times. Meteorologists said a part of the state is expected to see a catastrophic storm surge, wind and flooding.

Ian played the solo at the following locations:

  • Island of Cayo Costa, near the city of Fort Myers;
  • City of Punta Gorda.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the hurricane’s intensity was probably past its peak, but that the state had yet to be hit and that there would be damage.

Residents of Florida’s Gulf of Mexico coast closed houses and moved to higher ground. The storm is expected to bring a lot of rain and strong winds.

Residents in eight regions of the state were ordered to leave vulnerable locations: Charlotte, Hillsborough, Lee, Levy, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas and Sarasota.

Disney closed all of the group’s parks in Florida on Wednesday for at least two days.

Tampa Bay, which has not been hit by a hurricane directly in 100 years, and the city of Saint Petersburg were the most likely targets for the first direct impact, according to the first projection. However, an update now projects Ian further south in the state.

The day before, the storm hit Cuba, leaving the entire island without power and two people dead, as well as villages inundated. The storm devastated the western end of the island with winds and flooding.

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Infographic shows expected projection for Hurricane Ian’s trajectory — Photo: Arte g1

Hurricane Ian approaches the United States with winds of up to 210 km/h

Hurricane Ian approaches the United States with winds of up to 210 km/h

Partially destroyed street in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, after the passage of Hurricane Ian — Photo: Ramon Espinosa / AP Photo

Hurricane Ian passes through Cuba and causes destruction

Hurricane Ian passes through Cuba and causes destruction

Although the hurricane has already passed through Cuba, the country still faces heavy rains and winds. On Tuesday night (27), the entire island was without power, according to local authorities. At least one person died.

Lázaro Guerra, technical director of Uniao Electrico de Cuba, said a failure in the national electrical system, in part associated with the storm, had affected infrastructure, state media reported.

“The system was already operating under complex conditions with the passage of Hurricane Ian,” Guerra said. “There is no electricity service anywhere in the country right now.”

Satellite records Hurricane Ian's passage through Central America

Satellite records Hurricane Ian’s passage through Central America

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