Intel CEO Says They Beat “Most Software Issues” for Arc GPUs

And it admits that scaling its Xe architecture to dedicated GPUs didn’t turn out as expected.

Intel is about to release the rest of its Arc Alchemist graphics cards and the company’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger said “most of the software issues” involving the GPUs have been fixedclearly referring to the difficulties the company has had with drivers for its dedicated GPUs.

Intel’s CEO says scaling their Xe architecture from integrated GPUs to dedicated graphics didn’t go quite as they had hoped.

“We thought we could scale the built-in software more directly in the dedicated card market. And unfortunately, performance levels, game certification, different features in games, you know, the built-in software just wasn’t able to scale performance up to 5x.” than required on a dedicated card”, explains Gelsinger to PC Gamer.

“When you’re in the market, it’s easier to refine and add features, but this step from integrated to dedicated was more difficult than we expected. So our launch of dedicated cards was a little slower than I would have liked.”

Pat Gelsinger Says Arc A770 GPU Will Be “Attractive”

“All that said, we think the A770 that I just announced this week and will arrive on October 12th will be a compelling product,” says Pat Gelsinger. Difficulties aside, Intel’s CEO is now confident that the biggest software-level issues, such as drivers, have already been resolved.

“We believe that we have now overcome most of the issues at the software level, game certification is now very high, we have very good responses from unique features as part of the product. So now we feel comfortable that we have taken a solid step.” Intel CEO.

Intel is not coming to the graphics card market to be just a third “player” in this segment, but it is “going to have a big share of the market”. But Gelsinger knows that when you enter a product category, “it takes a few years to get really good,” as he put it. “I think you’re going to see some good improvements and competitiveness as we move into next year,” says Pat Gelsinger.

Intel has already made it clear that it will not give up on this segment and is already working on the next generations of Arc graphics cards. The top-of-the-line SKU, Arc A770, arrives on October 12th.

Intel Arc A770 GPU Arrives October 12th for $329

Intel Arc A770 GPU Arrives October 12th for $329
The same day that NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace generation makes its market debut with the RTX 4090


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