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The possibility to customize the iPhones lock screen was the main novelty of the iOS 16 operating systemreleased in June by Apple.

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The update allowed changing the color and font, adding widgets (interactive tools) and creating multiple screens. These novelties are considered a milestone for Apple devices, since iOS is “less modifiable” compared to Android. (learn more at the end of the text).

In this report, you will learn:

  1. How to add a new lock screen
  2. How to add background image
  3. How to change clock font
  4. How to add widgets
  5. How to create a screen-bound “Focus mode”
  6. How to erase a lock screen
  7. Why is personalization a cornerstone of Apple’s system?

How to add a new lock screen

In iOS 16, you can create multiple lock screens that are automatically saved and can match your personality.

  1. To start, keep the finger pressed on screen;
  2. In the lower right corner, tap the plus sign;
  3. If you prefer, customize it (learn how in the next topic) and tap “Add”;
  4. After choosing the new screen, tap “Set as Background Image Pair” (home and lock screen) or “Customize the Home Screen” (home screen only).

How to add background image

Apple has seven predefined themes, all customizable. They are at the top of the screen and are represented by icons. (see image below). Are they:

  • Photos;
  • People (generates a 3D effect, placing the person on the clock);
  • random photos (dynamic set of photos, which are changed from time to time);
  • emoji (allows you to create a screen with up to six keyboard emojis);
  • Time (sky images that vary according to the weather);
  • Astronomy (photos of the Earth, the Moon or the Solar System);
  • Color (allows you to choose a gradient color for the canvas).

After choosing a canvas inside the predefined theme (above)iOS 16 lets you make more changes like triggering filter (in photos)modify the gradient (in Color)the perspective (in emoji)among others.

Window to add background image in iOS 16 — Photo: Playback/Apple

How to change clock font

The clock font can be modified by editing a screen from the predefined themes. The user can change the font color and format (Arabic, Arabic-Indic and Devanagari) by clicking on the globe icon in the upper left corner.

The user can place widgets in two areas: at the top, above the clock, and at the bottom. (see image below). When selecting a new screen, tap “Add widgets”. Then, a window appears with these options:

  • battery status;
  • calendar appointments;
  • Fitness (circles of physical activity);
  • Sticky notes;
  • Hour (and time zones);
  • Weather forecast.

iOS 16 now displays widgets on the lock screen — Photo: Playback

How to create a screen-bound ‘Focus mode’

It is also possible to assign a “Focus mode” to the created screen. This feature, when enabled, helps user to limit distractions such as app notifications. By selecting a screen that should be displayed at a certain time, focus is automatically activated.

By pressing the screen, tap “Focus” and choose one of these options:

  • Do not disturb;
  • Guys;
  • Sleep;
  • Full Attention.

In the iPhone settings, it is possible to create other Focus modes.

How to erase a lock screen

Created a screen and got tired of another one? No problems. iOS 16 allows erasing. See how:

  1. Keep your finger pressed on the screen;
  2. Drag the screen up;
  3. Tap the trash can icon;
  4. Later, “Delete this background image”.

Personalization is a milestone for Apple’s system

iPhone users ask for a redesigned lock screen long time. “We are talking about an aspect that was practically the same since 2007, the year the first iPhone was launched”, he explains to g1 Filipe Espósito, an Apple specialist for over ten years.

iOS, however, is still not as customizable as Android. For Espósito, in the coming years, Apple should bring more changes in this regard and get closer to Google’s system. “In recent years, Apple has been more open to listening to and fulfilling user requests,” he says.

iPhones 8 and up are compatible with iOS 16. This means that iPhones 6, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus and SE 1st generation are not compatible with the new system.

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