It’s official! Jared Leto Confirms He’s Coming With ‘Morbius 2’

As we all know, after the release of “Morbius”, many movie fans ended up not liking this production very much and created numerous memes about the villain doctor. But now the news is that Sony has given the green light to start the “morbius 2“, which stars actor Jared Leto.

With all the memes that were created after the premiere of the first movie, Sony has kept an eye on social media and will give us more of Jared Leto in “Morbius 2”.

While the “bloodsucker” served a starved buffet for film reviewers in the site Rotten Tomatoes, the critics’ score ended up dropping about 15%, but that’s not going to stop Sony from continuing and exploring this story further.

Sony still believes it can repair the damage caused and serve much more in the sequel that will be recorded from “Morbius”. Once again, the production company will depend on the movie star, Jared Leto, and bet all its chips on this turnaround, even though in the first film this great actor was not able to keep all the seats in the movie theaters occupied and didn’t even hold the public’s attention. .

The movie “Morbius” had a worldwide box office of $163 million and, on re-release, brought in a total of $300,000. The investment for the re-release of “Morbius” was US$ 75 million, even though it was not the debut they had hoped for.

With this, Sony was disappointed, as the expense was higher than expected and they did not get the desired return. But the studio’s personal bet on Jared Leto is big and now they believe that the actor will have more success, in the current production of “Morbius 2”.

While the Sony studio bets on living vampires and explores this world again in the new film together with Jared Leto, the great boss of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have Kevin Feige as a pioneer in the next films, which are “Madame Web” and “Kraven the Hunter”.

With that, audiences are getting excited about the sequel to “Morbius,” but even so, they’re still a little hesitant about upcoming Marvel movies.

As for these upcoming films from Marvel Studios, “Kraven the Hunter” will have a nine-month extension to its release date. Thus, what was supposed to be in January 2023 moved to October of the same year.

The film “Madame Web”, by Dakota Johnson, will have an extension of just four months. With that, speculation arises about Kevin’s involvement in parts of the “Madame Web” movie, so his production will have a shorter span, in addition to whether Feige already has an opinion on Jared Leto in “Morbius 2”.

In short, audiences are returning to an appreciation for “Morbius” and, according to Business Insider, as of early September of this year, the film was number one on the major streaming platform. streaming Netflix. This, therefore, could be one of the reasons that is motivating Sony to go ahead with “Morbius 2”.

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