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Fortaleza got the better of Flamengo at Arena Castelão this Wednesday (28). Leão took the lead with Pedro Rocha, but saw Rubro-Negro turn the score around with two goals from Gabigol. Pedro Rocha left everything the same, and Caio Alexandre secured a 3-2 victory.

The goal in stoppage time raised the tricolor crowd and excited the team. In the locker room, Juninho Capixaba provoked Flamengo’s number 9, imitating the characteristic celebration.

– Gabigol, have a good trip, see – jokes Capixaba, in a video recorded by Thiago Galhardo.

In Galhardo's live, Juninho Capixaba provokes Gabigol after Fortaleza's victory

In Galhardo’s live, Juninho Capixaba provokes Gabigol after Fortaleza’s victory

Juninho Capixaba gave a pass for Fortaleza’s first goal of the match. Playing in the locker room, several players appear, such as Pedro Rocha and Thiago Galhardo. Leão had not won for three games and with the positive result, he added 34 points.

During the 90 minutes, there was also a discussion involving the Flamengo player. In the 34th minute of the first half, Gabriel gave Ronald a balloon and pushed Brítez, and Caio Alexandre complained to the player.

Juninho Capixaba provokes Gabriel do Flamengo — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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