Loyal to Tite, Weverton is silent in the face of injustice in the Selection. He will go to the Cup on a trip. Even being better than Alisson and Enderson – Prisma

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The few reporters who followed the Brazilian team in Paris had no doubts. Weverton would be the starting goalkeeper against Tunisia. Tite, who insists on allowing the observation of training, before the friendlies, had trained the Palmeirense goalkeeper with the titular defense.

Weverton had impressed the press with his bold defenses, reflexes, safety. He

But the match came on Tuesday, the last one before the World Cup. And Weverton stayed on the bench once again.

Olympic champion and two-time Libertadores champion is not just going through the best phase of his career, at the age of 34.

He is much better than Alisson, starter, and Enderson, first reserve.

But he arrived in the official lineup of the game against the Tunisians.

And no Weverton. Once again, Tite despised the best current goalkeeper born in the country.

The Palmeiras Technical Commission has been guiding him for some time. She has already realized that Tite will remain faithful to Alisson, a goalkeeper who failed with the Brazilian team in 2018. And he will also respect the hierarchy he created, with Ederson as the second goalkeeper.

As much as Weverton impresses even the goalkeeper coach, and four-time world champion, Taffarel, the Seleção’s coach decided that the place of the player who plays for Palmeiras is to be a reserve for the reserve in Qatar. If you want.

If Weverton played against the Tunisians, and made great saves, it would make the situation even more uncomfortable for Alisson.

Tite’s excuse to sign the Liverpool goalkeeper six years ago as a starter in the Cups, no matter what stage he lives, dates back to 2017.

“Alisson starts with a little foot in front. Because he participated in a sequence of games with us and he did well.”

Goalkeepers from Liverpool and Manchester City both have fantastic teams, with exceptional defenders in front of them. This situation has contributed greatly to the fact that, since 2019, they have been winning the Premier League’s best archers award.

Alisson in 2019 and 2022 and Enderson in 2020 and 2022.

The awards further impressed Tite and his Technical Committee.

At Palmeiras there is the conviction that, whatever Weverton does, his fate with Tite will be the same. To be in the national team and, only in an absolute emergency, to play.

Abel Ferreira’s concern is not to let the obvious frustration of not being taken into account as a starter affect the player at Palmeiras.

A situation that has demanded a lot of personality from Weverton.

He went to France, for the friendlies against Ghana and Tunisia, and just trained. He missed Palmeiras against Atlético Mineiro. Marcelo Lomba had an exceptional performance, the best since he was hired. And that he may even weigh in on renewing his contract, which was at risk.

The last time Weverton was a starter for the national team was in the friendly against South Korea. The team won 5-1 and he had a strong performance. It did not enter against Japan, Ghana and Tunisia.

Very loyal to Tite, the Palmeiras goalkeeper never complained about the injustice he suffers in the national team. On the contrary, he just appreciates the chance to be part of the group.

The coach, who will leave the command of Brazil after the Cup, whatever the result, has already implied that he considers European football much more evolved than that of this country. What is right.

But in one position, your assessment cannot be taken too seriously.

in the goal.

Weverton’s training at Palmeiras is even more evolved, more intense, than in England, where the two ‘de Tite’ goalkeepers are.

This is a difficult subject for the player.

And he’s been running away from the clash for the pleasure of being in his first, and more than likely, his last World Cup.

No one will take from his mouth that he is yet another wronged Tite.

No way out, accepts to be the third goalkeeper of the Selection.

Even knowing he didn’t get the real chances he deserved.

Perhaps unconscious punishment of Tite for not playing in European football.

A feather.

Huge injustice with Weverton.

Tite is faithful to the players who signed him to the national team in 2016 and 2017.

Alisson and Enderson are two of them.

Simple and cruel…

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