Man is sentenced after 41 bank transfers cursing and threatening ex – 09/28/2022

A man’s bank transfers became a police case in England. He used the transactions as an excuse to send threatening and abusive messages aimed at his ex-partner, who had blocked him on messaging apps.

Rachel Thomas-Tear, 24, took ex-partner Jack Roach, 29, to court and won a court victory. She will be compensated at R$ 582.33 (100 pounds) for Roach’s behavior.

According to the Daily Mail, the convict made 41 different payments to his online bank account Monzo, after Rachel blocked him on social media after their three-month breakup.

Roach’s abusive messages included phrases such as “unblock me”, “little shit”, and “slut”, among other name-calling and threats.

Rachel is the mother of a boy and claims that she stopped leaving the house, for fear of meeting Roach. With the messages, she began to have trouble sleeping, due to concern for her safety.

When reporting the case to the police, Rachel said that the ex also left candles and flowers on her door, in addition to having created fake accounts on the Snapchat app to stalk her.

At a hearing in Warrington court, Roach admitted to stalking his ex-girlfriend and for that he received a two-year restraining order forbidding him from contacting her.

“While I hoped we could remain friends, it wasn’t possible due to his changing emotions. Sometimes he was nice, and sometimes he wasn’t,” Rachel told the Daily Mail.

“I got constant calls and texts. I blocked him hoping he wouldn’t contact me anymore, but instead he sent money to my account and left messages. He called from unknown numbers. Before all that, I was a happy person and outgoing, but it’s affected me to such an extent that I can’t trust people anymore. I don’t go out afraid of bumping into him,” she continued.

Roach claimed he was trying to rekindle their relationship when Rachel broke the news that she was pregnant. The young woman’s attorney, Laura Simpson, revealed that he violated a restraining order on contact with her.

“They are ex-partners and their relationship ended in January of this year. The victim reported him for harassment and stalking in February, but while under police investigation the defendant violated his bail conditions and he was still harassing her in May of this year.” she explained.

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