Nubank: REVEALED how much R$ 1 million earns in fintech

Many customers of Nubank, one of the largest digital banks in the country, do not know how much the value stopped in their fintech account yields. According to experts, currently, the bank’s income is quite advantageous.

However, it is important to note that this advantage, as in other investments, varies between each person, depending on the investor’s purpose, given that the longer the money remains in the account, the more it will yield.

Nubank Income

Although the investment market has grown in recent times, favoring even more those who want to earn their money, many Brazilians still prefer to keep their values ​​in savings.

However, the Nubank has offered a great Yield of the amounts invested in the institution, which has surpassed the advantages of savings.

According to a calculation performed by fintech, these are currently the percentages of yield:

  • Nubank yields 100% of the CDI.
  • Savings earn 70% of the CDI.

It is worth noting that Nubank’s income starts from one month of the money saved in its account.

Also, following the calculation of the digital bank, R$ 1 million invested in the institution’s account will go to about R$ 761 thousand reais in five years, totaling R$ 761,632.91. While in savings, the same amount invested would yield approximately R$ 364 thousand in five years.

Learn how to access two Nubank accounts on the same cell phone

Unlike other digital banks, customers of Nubank cannot access two financial institution accounts on the same mobile phone. At the beginning of its operation, fintech allowed the inclusion of more accounts in the same system. However, in 2017, an update was made to the settings, which disabled using more than one account in the app.

Thus, if users want to access another account that is not theirs, they will first need to log out of their Nubank account and log in to the other profile or have a second device available for access.

Can I access the same account on two different cell phones?

On the other hand, it is possible to link the same account on two devices simultaneously. However, you will need to authorize access on the second smartphone using the main device. This is a security measure for the Nubank.

How to open a Nubank account?

The digital bank account has a correction rate of 100%, which means that the income of the bank is at 13.15% per year. See how to open an account on Nubank Next:

  1. Download the Nubank app (available for Android and iOS);
  2. Inform your personal data, such as CPF, RG, date of birth, income and address;
  3. Send a selfie holding your ID and wait for the analysis, which can take a few days;
  4. After the analysis, the card will be sent to the address informed in the registration and you will be able to open a fintech account.

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