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Nubank already offers a PJ account for customers looking for practicality, a service without an annual fee or maintenance fee, a PJ card with debit function, free Pix, among others. Now, fintech has a novelty that promises to help small entrepreneurs in publicizing their business. It is about the Purple Pages.

Nubank’s Purple Pages are an initiative to support customers who are also business owners. In this way, by functioning as a catalog of products and services made available by entrepreneurs, the platform promises to help these people connect with a wider audience.

What does Nubank’s new platform promise?

The Páginas Roxas platform promises to bring together companies from different segments, with different products and experiences, in a single space. Through the catalog, small businesses will have the opportunity to connect with potential customers.

In addition to disclosing the history and purpose of the business on the site, Nubank will also take the information to its social networks. All of this will help entrepreneurs to gain prominence and space to expose their business to thousands of people.

How to participate in Nubank’s Purple Pages?

To take advantage of the Purple Pages platform, PJ Nubank account customers or users with active fintech accounts who have CNPJ need to access the promotion’s official website and pre-register. It is necessary to indicate the following data:

  • Name of the account holder;
  • CPF;
  • Company Name;
  • CNPJ.

The CNPJ must be active and the business must have been created more than 90 days ago. Customers who sell products or provide services in the areas of beauty, decoration, education, gardening, among others, can be part of Nubank’s Purple Pages.

In addition, it is important to make it clear that in the case of companies with more than one partner, only the registration made by the managing partner of the business is accepted. It is important that the customer pays attention to this point.

When will small businesses appear on the Purple Pages?

Interested parties should be careful when entering the information, as the error in filling can cause the registration to be cancelled. These data, in turn, will be evaluated taking into account the participation criteria established in the regulation.

If everything is correct, the entrepreneur will receive instructions by email to complete the registration of his company and enter information such as the category of the product or service he offers, region, service mode, sales and contact channels, among others. In any case, if the application is rejected, Nubank will notify the customer.

After the registration is completed, it is necessary to wait. In day October 5, 2022the entrepreneur will be able to find his business on Nubank’s Purple Pages, exposed to thousands of customers throughout Brazil.

Image: Miguel Lagoa /

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