Palmeiras overcomes embezzlement, arbitration and beats Atlético-MG to expand leadership in the Brasileirão

O palm trees beat Atlético-MG 1-0, this Wednesday, at Mineirão, and extended their advantage in Brasileirão leadership. With Murilo’s goal, Verdão overcame, in addition to the embezzlement, the rival’s initial impetus and the terrible refereeing of Marcelo de Lima Henrique, who annulled a legitimate goal and evaded a penalty for Alviverde.

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Verdão is “crushed” by Galo, but has the beam

In the first minutes, it was already possible to perceive the idea of ​​Atlético-MG to “muffle” Palmeiras and take the lead on the scoreboard. It almost happened. First Marcelo Lomba saved Hulk’s kick, then Dodô kicked it over the top, then Keno hit the post in a shot from outside the area. Ufa! But it wasn’t just that.

Keno himself even headed a ball out and then was betrayed by the bounce of the ball and finished over the goal. Hulk sent a ball over the crossbar. All this in just over 35 minutes, while Alviverde defended as best they could and tried to come out from behind.

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Alviverde shows signs of improvement and referee lets the “stick sing”

And the key turned in the final minutes of the first half. At the same time that they suffered blows from all sides, Palmeiras sought to reach the attack more efficiently and managed to do so. First Luan gave a great pass to Mayke, who left Dudu in front of the goal, but he sent it out. Then, the same Dudu sent a ball on the post. In the end, Kuscevic scored a goal, but was offside.

Atlético-MG goes on the attack, and Palmeiras opens the scoring

Cuca decided to open the team after the break, taking out the side Dodô for the entry of striker Ademir. Verdão, which is no fool, took advantage and sought its spaces. But the goal really came in a rehearsed play between Marcos Rocha and Scarpa, who missed the kick and ended up giving Murilo an assist to score the alviverde goal.

Rooster unable to threaten and Alviverde harmed

Even with the changes and with more possession of the ball, Atlético-MG was still unable to take frights for the defense of Verdão, which turned around as it could and had a good performance. In the attack, the Palmeiras were looking for alternatives, in one of them Atuesta suffered a step inside Mariano’s area. The referee didn’t give it and the VAR didn’t request the review, in a very clear infraction bid.

Further on, Rafael Navarro took advantage of Mariano’s slip and the ball was left for Breno Lopes, who put the ball in the back of the net, but the referee saw a foul that did not happen, once again harming Alviverde in the match in Belo Horizonte.

And now?

With that, the score was 1-0 for Palmeiras, which was 60 points in the Brasileirão table and extended the lead in the lead, which now has Fluminense on its tail, nine points behind, as Inter drew level. Rooster is in seventh position, with 40 points. Alviverde faces Botafogo, away from home, next Monday, at 20h, and the miners receive Fluminense, this Saturday, at 15h.

Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
Date-Time: 9/28/2022 – 21:45 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (CE)
Assistants: Fabrício Vilarinho (GO) and Nailton Júnior de Sousa Oliveira (CE)
VAR: Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda (RJ)
Audience/Income: 28,644 fans / BRL 949,422.19
Yellow cards: Zaracho, Dodô and Jair (AMG) Dudu, Murilo and Luan (PAL)
red cards:
Goal: Murilo (5’/2nd T) (0-1)

ATLETIC-MG: Everson; Mariano, Nathan Silva, Jemerson and Dodô (Ademir, at halftime); Allan (Otávio, at 30’/2ºT), Jair (Nacho Fernández, at 21’/2ºT) and Zaracho; Eduardo Sasha (Alan Kardec, at 13’/2ºT), Keno (Pavón, at 30’/2ºT) and Hulk. Technician: Cuca.

PALM TREES: Marcelo Lomba; Marcos Rocha, Kuscevic, Murilo and Piquerez; Luan, Atuesta (Jorge, at 45’/2ºT) and Gustavo Scarpa (Bruno Tabata, at 18’/2ºT); Mayke (Gustavo Garcia, at 39’/2ºT), Dudu (Rafael Navarro, at 39’/2ºT) and Rony (Breno Lopes, at 39’/2ºT). Technician: João Martins.

Atletico MG vs Palmeiras

Palmeiras beat Atlético-MG at Mineirão this Wednesday (Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras)

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