Putin will announce annexation of 15% of Ukrainian territory | Ukraine and Russia

In one of the biggest changes since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, will announce on Friday (30) the annexation of four Ukrainian regions that represent 15% of the territory of the neighboring country.

The announcement, according to the Kremlin on Thursday (29), will take place during a signing ceremony at the Kremlin on Friday (29) to add Ukraine’s territories to Russia, its spokesman said.

Russian-backed officials in four regions of Ukraine said the referendums showed the overwhelming majority of their populations voted to join Russia in votes criticized by Ukraine and the West as “farces”.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the ceremony would take place at 3 pm Moscow time on Friday (9 am EDT) for “agreements on accession of new territories to the Russian Federation”.

Putin will also deliver a grand speech on Friday after the Kremlin signing ceremony and meet with Moscow-appointed administrators of Ukrainian regions, the Kremlin said.

Agreements will be signed “with all four territories that held referendums and made corresponding requests on the Russian side,” Peskov said.

Ukraine and the West have dismissed the hastily organized polls, held seven months after Russia’s invasion, as illegitimate fraud.

After the signing ceremonies at the Kremlin, Putin will deliver a grand speech and meet with Moscow-appointed administrators of the Ukrainian regions, the Kremlin said.

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