Referee confirms in the summary the unusual reason for a yellow card for Marçal, from Botafogo

That was new… The referee Luiz Flavio de Oliveira confirmed, in the Goiás 0 x 1 Botafogowho applied a yellow card to the alvinegro left-back marçal for hitting with a kick a drone that was flying over – irregularly – the Haile Pinheiro Stadium, in Goiânia. The punishment took the player out of the next game, against Palmeiras, as he was the third in the series.

Reason: For throwing the ball and hitting a drone flying over the field of play during a stoppage“, wrote the referee of the match on the scoresheet, explaining the warning for Botafogo’s number 21.

Luiz Flavio also used an additional field on the score sheet to report the drone problem. According to him, initially, the information was that it was a device used by the TV Globowhich broadcast the game, something that was denied by journalists during the screening of the match and later rectified by the delegate.

I inform you that at 21 minutes into the second half of the game, a drone flew over the lawn not interfering with the progress of the match, and we were informed by the match delegate Mr. Sérgio Albernaz, that the drone would be from the broadcaster that broadcast the match, because before the start of the game this delegate received the information that there would be a drone from that broadcaster covering the transmission. At 26 minutes into the second half of the game, the drone returned to fly over the lawn during a stoppage (sic) to attend to two injured athletes and, at that moment, athlete number 21, Fernando Marçal de Oliveira, from Botafogo, threw the ball hitting the same, who left the turf’s vicinity not returning until the end of the game, and we were informed (sic) again by the match delegate that the drone was not from the broadcaster that broadcast the match“, wrote the referee.

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