Rodinei’s performance is for Flamengo to be extremely careful

Flamengo lost by 3 to 2 yesterday (28) to Fortaleza, at Castelão, for the Brazilian Championship, reaching the second consecutive defeat within weeks of disputing the decisions of the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores. Despite the team having played with embezzlement, Mauro Cezar Pereira points out that the defense was the titular one and made mistakes that could complicate Dorival Júnior’s team in the cup finals, especially Léo Pereira and Rodinei.

At Live from Mauro Cezarat the UOL channelthe journalist says that he is not deceived by the good moments of the club’s titular right-back, but considers that the drop in recent performances is something that can compromise precisely in the final stretch of the season.

“Rodinei is what we know, a player who can offer something offensively, but who is a disaster defensively, a player who doesn’t have much to add. leaving to be deceived and deceived with an eventual good phase of this player who has some offensive predicates, but defensively leaves much to be desired, he is a player with many limitations and this is very clear precisely in games like this one yesterday”, he says.

“A very bad phase now for Rodinei, in these last two games, precisely at the decisive moment, is something to be extremely careful, to be very attentive, let’s see how Flamengo’s coach Dorival Júnior will face it, who is responsible for keep the team properly in order in this final stretch of the season”, he adds.

Mauro Cezar: Palmeiras walks to close the cycle of possible cups

Palmeiras beat Atlético-MG and got closer to the Brazilian title by increasing their difference to the runner-up, who is now back to Fluminense. Mauro Cezar Pereira highlights that this is the title that can complete the winning cycle under the command of Abel Ferreira and that the great virtue of the São Paulo club was the maintenance of the technical commission even in bad moments.

“Palmeiras has the virtue of having supported a coaching staff that has been showing great work and has evolved a lot over these two years, almost of work, and there were moments of crisis last season, when there were eliminations, defeats in the finals and even so maintained. He managed to recover and progress. Now he is on his way to winning the Brazilian Championship, closing a cycle of all possible cups”.

Mauro Cezar: São Paulo has the chance to bring joy to its suffering fans

São Paulo decides on Saturday the title of the Copa Sudamericana against Independiente Del Valle and Mauro Cezar highlights the importance for the club and the fan of winning the international cup in Cordoba after ten years of the last title of this level, in addition to the possibility to carve out a spot in Libertadores.

“São Paulo will play its most important match of the decade, it is already in Córdoba, Argentina, and on Saturday, 5 pm, they will face Independiente Del Valle, worth the South American title, it’s an international title for São Paulo Paulo, is the chance to give joy to their suffering fans, an important prize, a spot in the group stage of Libertadores, São Paulo on Saturday could be the first Brazilian club to stamp their presence in the group stage of Libertadores da América , is a fundamental game for São Paulo”.

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