Samsung introduces scrollable screen for notebooks

It’s not exactly a novelty, but it still attracts attention. During Innovation Intel, a prototype of a scrollable screen produced by the company Samsung was announced. The South Korean already dominates over 60% of the entire global smartphone market with foldable screens and is now planning to launch into another tech trend that could be very popular in the future.

The device featured has a seemingly ordinary 13-inch screen, but that can increase in size to 17 inches when zoomed in. Triggering the scroll seems very simple, moving one of the sides of the object, as you can see in the video below.

The technology is not new and some companies have already presented their versions of the slideable display. Oppo presented last year a screen with similar functionality, but for smartphones. Also in 2021, LG announced a TV with a rollable screen, but the product was made available on a very limited basis and for a price of US$ 100,000, which further distances the technology from the general public.

Although it left its own smartphone manufacture, LG continues to manufacture displays for some brands, such as Apple, for example, and has also produced its own prototypes of a scrollable screen for cell phones.

Details about the technical specifications of the screen were not disclosed which left some experts with a foot behind the technology. As with folding screens, rollable screens, flexible display glass has a limited lifespan, so product information is critical to assess whether or not rollable displays will be functional in real life.

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