Serasa Experience opens 191 job vacancies, most for home office

THE Serasa Experience has 191 job openings. Most – about 150 of them – are reserved for professionals working in the technology field. One of the great advantages of the company is the flexible working hours, in which employees are free to set working hours.

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Of the total number of vacancies, 56 are in the remote modality. This allows people from all over Brazil to participate in the selective process. Despite this, a good part is for work at DataLab, Serasa Experience’s data laboratory. See how to apply and stay on top of the main steps of the selection.

Employment at Serasa Experience

Those selected who will work remotely will receive an allowance for setting up the office. Job vacancies at Serasa are for software development, testing, data and infrastructure positions and others. Among the vacancies, 18 are exclusively for people with disabilities.

At registrations must be made on the Serasa Experience careers page. Prospective candidates can check all open opportunities, as well as the requirements and requirements of each one.

In Brazil, the company is a leader in information services and the largest database in Latin America. Technology is what allows all this to happen, without losing focus on serving users.

That’s why the company has invested so much in technology. In addition to the salary compatible with the positions and level of experience, Serasa Experience guarantees benefits to the contractors. Among them is the incentive and support in carrying out more professional qualification courses.

The careers portal also allows those interested in being part of the team to register their CVs and compete during future selections. Those who participate in the current process will go through the following steps:

  • Enrollment with resume analysis by recruiters;
  • Interview with the Talent Acquisition team and the vacancy leadership.

After the interview, candidates undergo a new analysis and receive the result of the selection process.

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